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Part 55: Run Away

Part 55: Run Away

Edit: Another present for the later readers - here's a full video of this whole update.

Music: Confession 2nd Mix

Diana takes off running.

Phi is right behind her.

The door slides shut.

Sigma never left.

I'm not sure what Sigma did, but there's a sound a lot like a door locking.

What are you doing?! Open this door!

I have to do this.

You didn't think D-Team was actually going to leave Q-Team to die, did you?

You would've tried to hold me back if I'd said I'd go, right?

Anyway, there's no time. You both need to get as far away as you can.

That's not it. It's just in case. I won't die. I will save everyone in Q-Team. So...

The goal is actually to reach the stop button in time, remember.

Might be time to start looking for cover.

Diana futilely bangs on the door one last time.

Oops, too late.

Long fade to black. There's actually a lock here, but we already met the conditions for it so we just blow right through it. Kind of like that bomb.


Diana opens her eyes some time later.

Her vision is still a bit hazy. Is that...Sigma?

Oh, Sigma...


Sigma falls.


Diana stumbles over as Phi slowly stands.

My God...

Quick fade to black as we're suddenly carrying Sigma.

I'll go check the other room.

It's okay! The showers stopped, and the door's gone! We're getting out of here! Come on!

Music: Trepidation 2nd Mix

No... Please, no...

I think this is the first time we've seen the elevator room. Oh, and Q-Team really is here, somehow.

Phi runs over.

Well, we killed Eric again. Poor guy doesn't survive very many of these timelines, does he?

Zero is determined to get his six bodies one way or the other I guess.

Diana helps Sigma rest against the low wall here.

This child...

I think we broke Diana again.

Someone lets out a moan.

Where are the others...?

Phi just closes her eyes and shakes her head.

I see... They're all dead... I'll be joining them soon...

Zero told us...

You deserve something nice in return...


So, I thought we might be in the same timeline as when Q-Team was in the Biolab. Though the timing still doesn't really line up, it does seem like we're in the timeline where Mira kept that Radical-6 vial for herself....

Music: Aftermath (Decontamination Room)

Other than a couple of glaring omissions, we seem to be headed for the future in which VLR takes place. Sigma's missing his arms and an eye, and Radical-6 is about to be released.

You don't see the crazy eyes on D-Team very often, but here you go.

Time for magic flashbacks for Diana...

This would be confusing and/or intriguing if we hadn't already played the Biolab. By the way, seeing the "Don't Inject" scene in the Biolab is the requirement for getting through the lock I mentioned earlier.

Mankind... Six billion people...will die.

Do it...? My

Thanks, snail.

Phi runs off...somewhere.

Not sure what's happening but there are a lot of loud crashing noises.

Music: Blue Bird Lamentation 2nd Mix

I guess there's no going back in?


Heh... Who knew this would happen...

That future being the one in VLR. Like I said before, with two glaring omissions. Akane and Junpei are in VLR, but were killed in the execution vote in this timeline.

There's a bit of a plot hole here, I think. At the end of VLR, old Sigma said he didn't know what happened in Dcom. Maybe the trauma ended up affecting his memories later, but I would think he'd have more details than what he left behind for his younger self:

'Akane, in the VLR ending in April 2029' posted:

That the test facility is full of traps.

There was one point... A woman's life was in danger.

You risked yourself for her sake, and lost your arms, and your right eye.

That's about all we knew about the events of this game headed in. Well, there was also a recording...

Sigma makes one last-ditch effort to save the world. If they never leave the facility, Radical-6 won't be released.

We need to get you to a hospital as soon as possible or--

I'm the only one who should stay!

There's another minor plot hole with how exactly Radical-6 is released. One of the reveals in VLR is that all the participants were infected with Radical-6, which is why they didn't notice that they were on the moon and gravity was so much less. But Phi already had been infected here, four months before she was frozen and shipped off to the moon. She would have recovered by the time she was frozen for the events in VLR. Unless maybe recovery doesn't offer immunity to re-infection later? But in VLR the cure for Radical-6, Axelavir, is said to be made from the antibodies of Radical-6 survivors who had gained immunity afterwards.

A rescue team will eventually show up if Diana and I get to the surface... And you know they'll come down and get you too...

Fade to white as something falls.

Clever woman used the stun gun from Manufacturing. Now six billion people will die.

Diana, you... You know what you're doing...right?

Yes, I do...

An alarm sounds as the elevator prepares to rise.

And up it goes. Fade to black, and a clang as the elevator reaches the top.

Music: Glacial Solitude

Some static, then a voice through the walkie talkies here.

[Control:] Hey, can you hear me?! What's going on?!

[Control:] Oh, thank God! You really had me worried there. What happened?

Six of us are...dead.

[Control:] What?

Counting myself, there are only three left.

[Control:] How... Why are...?

[Control:] Wh-What?!

I... I guess you could say I killed them.

Diana killed C-Team by going against the plan with the Execution vote. She killed Q-Team by...not arguing hard enough against Phi's plan? Or not stopping the bomb herself?, that's not quite right. Not just them. Not just these six...

All of them... All six billion...

Soon I will have killed six billion people...

Diana drops the walkie talkie.

[Control:] Are you there?! Respond!

This conversation actually lines up very well with a recording of it that is found in one of the VLR endings.

We look away as Diana sits down.

Let's put our hope in the next Sigma... The me who'll return here from the future...

Slow pan up to our eventual destination.

Music: Interminable Dilemma (Credits)

It's been awhile since we've seen the credits.

Welcome to D-END:1. Commonly referred to as the Moon End, though I believe that symbol is actually a generic biohazard one, representing the Radical-6 outbreak.

The last ending we unlocked was over 40 updates ago. My how the time flies. Here's hoping it's not another 40 updates to the next one!

Just showing that we are indeed in the timeline with the Biolab, specifically the "Don't Inject" ending. This flowchart is actually getting quite filled in, but we're still awhile off before I can show the whole thing.

Another name for the ending we just watched - Circle of Fate.

No new unlocks, but we can of course replay the decision we just did. Select the story fragment.