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Zero Time Dilemma


Part 57: Press the Button (2)

Part 57: Press the Button (2)

Time to hit up a replay. I typed this up when we first did this fragment, expecting to go right back to it. Instead it's 22 updates later.

Mmm, button.

It's surprisingly difficult to force myself to click on the button, knowing the consequences.


But what you did is--

Someone took my hand and...

I'm starting to think some of these lines that look like they forgot to animate the lips are really just internal thoughts that don't have properly italicized subtitles. But I'll keep upping the count regardless.

Missing Lip Animations: 41

Maybe it's stress, or you've always had that urge buried deep down inside...

Come on, it's just a part of being human. Life experiences.

Carlos...isn't wrong, here. We did force his hand. Is this scene of Carlos breaking the fourth wall, and he's sensing our inputs to these decisions? Remember, when we replayed C-Team's Execution fragment, to force a vote for Q-Team, Carlos was staring at his hands in stunned shock, like he couldn't believe what they'd done.

You made a wise decision. You sacrificed the lives of others in order to continue your own survival.

Missing Lip Animations: 42

It truly is a natural human reaction. You simply made an emergency evacuation. The action is legally justifiable. There is no blame to be placed on you for your decision.

Now, I'm sure you would like to get out of here immediately, but before that... I apologize, but you must all sleep again.

Time for good kids to be in bed or something.

You have done exactly as I commanded. The memory loss drug will not be injected into the three of you. It would be...inconvenient if you forgot you caused the deaths of others...

Pleasant dreams...


Fade to static.

Fragment complete...

That's strange, we don't get to see the outcome either way? Let's see if we unlocked anything new.

Ohhhhh, we're being railroaded again.

Not much to this fragment. Well, might as well jump in.

Music: Portentousness 2nd Mix

This is...

The Decontamination Room.

Missing Lip Animations: 43

I feel like I've been trapped in this room before.

This button...

Yeah, something isn't right...

Maybe we've forgotten about this place?

The drugs in the bracelets?

Suddenly, we hear the sound of water rushing. Or some other liquid....

The heartbeat returns here, but for a different reason.


More screams from Q-Team.

Music: Glacial Solitude

Back in the Lounge in Ward C.

Chimes. Time for computer lady.

[Computer Lady:] That is all.

SELF is for Q. I'll let it speak for itself. RIP is for Mira, the Heart Ripper. LAKE is for Eric, who threw his dead brother's body into a lake. BIRD is for Diana and her bluebird pendant. TWIN is for Phi? Is she a twin? And OLD is for Sigma, because, well, he's old.

C-Team just woke up again, but they remember what happened this time.

We just saw this, but sure, thanks for reminding us.

Clear picture of the "scoreboard".

We put these passwords in, we can reach the surface.

A frustrated, anguished noise from Carlos, here.

I've been busting my ass for the past ten years... I wanted to save as many lives as I could. I worked hard to do that...

No sign of Radical-6 in this timeline. Maybe you prevented the outbreak that kills six billion? That seems like a lot of lives saved.


Or Spinochordodes tellinii. Have you heard of either of these, Carlos?

I feel a little dirty now. I think Akane is calling us parasites.

Spinochordodes tellinii.

Thanks for making me type that twice, Akane.


Rats with toxoplasmosis no longer fear their predator, the cat,

For humans infected with Toxoplasma gondii,

Come to think of it, Radical-6 also caused personality changes. Maybe we're not so safe, after all.

You become a risk taker, your reactions slow, or you become extremely sensitive...

Seems more likely than someone reaching through from another dimension and moving his hand for him, right?

I don't know...

Music: Mischievousness (Consternation Remix)

Enough navel-gazing, let's get out of here.

No problems here.

All right, then let's put in the passwords.

These passwords are different from the ones we've seen in other fragments.

Hey, it opened! It opened!

The door will close right away!

Oh, hey other Carlos.



Music: Ustulate Pathos

Wonder where this Carlos came from? Or where he's going to?

What nonsense are you babbling about? Come on, hurry up!

Apparently Akane and Junpei don't have their post-SHIFTer memories here.

Missing Lip Animations: 44



Just hang on!

A crashing sound. Did he just run into the wall?

Well, we finished our single-scene fragment.

It shows up on the regular fragment select screen if we ever want to see it again.

Some new information, but no new unlocks. Still, all our other options are available again. Five new fragments, and four more replays.. Select the story fragment.