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Part 63: Correct (2)

Part 63: Correct (2)

Guess all that Monty Hall discussion earlier came in handy.

So I left the fragment to go do other stuff, and when I came back a different door was randomly left closed. I still picked "2" originally, so we're going to switch to "6" here.

You can see in the corner that locker "6" is lit up because I switched to it. Here's hoping math doesn't let us down!

Music: Sinisterness Phase 1

Aw yeah, we did it!

Yeah, but...

You gotta be joking...

One... Are you telling me there's only one?!

Just a shot of Akane gasping here.


The door doesn't open for twenty minutes...

Augh! What the hell!

Heavy gasping from Junpei.

And from Carlos.

Music: Morphogenetic Sorrow (Mix 3)

Hey Carlos... I have a favor to ask...

I know...

A click.

Akane's gasping becomes a bit slower.

Hey. I'm glad...


It brings back that time at the festival...

Remember? We went together. You found this weird character mask, and bought two.

You tried to make me wear one... Oh that's right, you were wearing a yukata then...

You said it had been your mom's before she died. That's why it was so big on you...

I want to go to that festival again...

Hurry! Put the mask on...

Akane looks to Carlos for support.

He just nods.


And Junpei and Carlos fall.

A ring falls out, tumbling across the floor.


Cut to the Lounge, where instead of the computer lady telling us what's happened, we just get to see the scoreboard. Or most of it, anyway. Carlos gets HERO for his X-Pass, which is self-explanatory. Junpei gets HATE, because he's a grumpy old man or something. We don't get to see the others, but there's only one timeline we've seen where all of Q-Team is dead, and only Phi is dead from D-Team. The Trash Disposal Room, when we don't shoot and Phi is lost to the incinerator.

That's six X-Passes, by the way. So Akane just gets the fuck out of there. Screw Diana and Sigma, anyway.

She slowly walks through the door, broken. Later, the world will feel her wrath.

For us, though...

It's just another dead end. I kind of thought we'd have more explanation of the Monty Hall problem, but I guess we were too busy dying for that.

C-Team has three different fragments depending on the different results from the Trash Disposal room. From left to right, we have the Power Room coming down from the Shoot:Blank / Drink result, the Rec Room from the Shoot:Live result, and Control from the Don't Shoot result. Kind of interesting.

Nothing new unlocked. We did get the Quantum Computer Dome opened up a couple updates ago, though. Or we can replay that decision again. Or one of the other handful of options. Select the story fragment.