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Part 70: Shoot Delta

Part 70: Shoot Delta

So the thread thinks they've figured something out and wants to go put the name "Delta" into all the places that had name entries. Sure, why not?

We'll start in the Pantry. Who killed Junpei?

I mean, last we saw he was a baby, but sure, maybe Delta did it somehow.

Well, that's a new error. Guess the baby is either in another timeline or transported somewhere else, so technically correct?

How about the Pod Room?

Did the baby kill Mira somehow?

That's fair. How would Eric know that name?

As expected he still shoots us with the shotgun, and it's game over again.

Some people are having some funny ideas about Q. When I entered "ME" here before, Eric's response was "I see... I knew it was you..." and then blam, dead again. What's he say here?

Well, now that's different.

What we're really here to see is if we can figure out that last outcome on this fragment. Classic puzzle-adventure game strategy - get a new clue, try it out everywhere!

Well...'s not an error...

I'm really sorry...

Oops...I have to put the rest of this scene under a lock. Couple of un-earned spoilers that I forgot about! I'll reveal the rest when the time is right...

While that was a fun diversion, where should we go next? Select the story fragment.