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Part 9: .hack Infection - //Update 09 - Screaming Conspiracy

//Update 09

Greetings, everyone. Today's an important update. I know last time I said that it would be Liminality vol. 1's turn up, but circumstances had me push update 9 out first. We'll cover the outside world soon enough, eh? For now, there's adventure and action and... other a-words waiting for us!

: (Is this the area that Orca took me to? OK, let's go to Δ Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field!)

That can wait. First, we've got a little diversion waiting for us. Yes, it's back again! Everyone's favorite sporting event!

Even without speed charms, Goblins are a piece of cake. I certainly won't regret those words, either. Anyway, now that we've fulfilled our Goblin-killing quota for the update, let's see what Bob wanted.


: Huh? You're a friend of Orca? That's why you know this place. So, how is he doing?

: He...

: That's incredible. That rumor... It can't be...

: Rumor? Orca also mentioned it.

: About there's something unknown lurking within "The World." You never heard about it?

: That's what Orca was investigating?

: I don't have the details. Linda was asking him all kinds of questions. Maybe she knows more about it. She's probably at Δ Buried Pagan Fiery Sands.

Δ Buried Pagan Fiery Sands is added to the word list.

: Thank you. I'll check it out.

: Oh, and here.

: I think Orca was going to give this to you.

: ......

Linda? Bob? Awfully Anglicized names for a Japanese server. Before we go meet Linda, I think it's time to engage in a little level grinding. BlackRose is strangely unavailable, but we have a replacement Heavy Blade that works just as well.

I think I don't actually deposit Piros' diary until I've beaten the game. For some reason, I kept forgetting to put it in the bank. The last shot was included because I thought it was pretty cool. As far as I know, that ark has no other reason for being besides looking cool.

At any rate, that was enough level grinding for one update. There'll be a lot more of that to come soon. We shouldn't keep Linda waiting much longer.

: Yeah.

: Bob told me about you. It's about the rumor, right? "The World" is not just an online game. There's something with some other purpose lurking inside it.

: Some other purpose?

: I don't know. After all, it's just a rumor. And I'm not sure if it even exists. But, Orca and Balmung were working together to find the truth about it.

: Orca and Balmung...

: Balmung of the Azure Sky, Orca of the Azure Sea... The most powerful party known as "Descendants of Fianna." But even Orca... Take my advice. Forget about the rumor.

: But... I can't do that.

: ?

: I am... Orca's friend.

: I see. So that's your reason. In that case, check out Δ Lonely Silent Great Seal. Orca told me he found a strange room in that area.

: May the grace of the Twilight Dragon be with you.

Let's take her advice. Maybe we'll get more batshit insane messages from an unidentified source.

A really awesome item upgrade from the field. We probably won't be replacing either of those items until we've beaten the game. Anyway, the mysterious room is waiting for us!


Somehow, those rooms are even more creepy when they've been blasted apart like that. Let's check our mail... maybe... yeah.

Θ Great Distant Fertile Land is added to the Word List.

: I'm going to Θ Great Distant Fertile Land.

That's nice, BlackRose. I'm gonna grab Natsume and Gardenia and go see what she wanted. You have fun.

For those of you that watch the videos, be warned that this next video has some slowdown going on. I'm not really sure what caused it, since it seemed to record fine. Guess it's the nature of the beast when using FRAPS.

Edit from 2015: It most certainly is Fraps causing the slowdown. Future recordings using Dxtory are butter smooth.


: Do you think a Hitorishizuka would grow here?

: That's what you're looking for? I hope you can find it.

: Not here. It blossoms, then falls quietly on the mountainsides.

: You're a real romantic, Gardenia.

: Shut up!

: :-)

This here is a really good weapon. Sure, it doesn't look like much - but it has something important that makes up for the "loss" of Life Drain: Staccatto. That skill is one of the best in the game for protect breaking a data bug, I've found.

: Like it would feel good if you could fly like that?

: No, I think it would itch when the fluff got in your ears.

: ......

: Did you ask me to come along so I could find this item?

: You think too much. Let's go back.

Now that we've gotten Gardenia's weirdness out of the way, let's see if BlackRose is ready.

: I'll meet you in the deepest level of the dungeon. OK?

: Meg? What's the name of the area Alf went to?

: I just posted the keywords to that area on the Board, but it seems to be dangerous. I'm sorry!

: Hey, wait. Stop! She's gone... But you heard what she said?

: Yeah, the Board!

RE: Orca
Author: Lanan

Orca healed me! ^_^
Author: Jodi

The first day I logged in, a guy named Orca was really helpful. I guess he's famous?
RE: Orca
Author: Sesamee

It was the Descendants of Fianna that cleared The One Sin event.
RE: Orca
Author: Celery

I haven't seen an enemy called The One Sin. Where is it? And what're the "Descendants of Fianna?"
RE: Orca
Author: Sesamee

The One Sin was a limited time character so it's not around. It was a pain to kill it. Descendants of Fianna is a name for Balmung of the Azure Sky and Orca of the Azure Sea. They're the best.
RE: Orca
Author: Celery

That's like really cool! I'll start calling myself Celery of Vitamin. <jk>

Twilight of the New Gods
Author: E-ast

What's that again? The Nibelung's Ring? Wagner? Siegfried?

It says this if you select any option besides "MAILER" - the game only does this for extremely important mail conversations.

Sorry this was the shortest update yet. There's stuff I can't show until we've covered Liminality vol. 1. That will definitely be next time! Things are picking up pace quickly and we've basically arrived at the endgame. The next plot update, Update 10, will cover the rest of Infection's story - so it'll be pretty long by necessity! Stay tuned!