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Part 11: .hack Infection - //Liminality Vol. 1 (Part 2) - Navel Gazing (ANIME WARNING)

//Liminality Vol. 1 Pt. 2

: Hi!

: I want you to answer one question.

: All right.

: What's your reason for doing this?

: What's the reason? It would... be the exact same as yours. Because I'm also extremely curious what happened on that day at that particular time in that field.

: But, why?

: Huh? Hey, you said one answer and I gave it to you! Well, let's go!

: It's pretty secure. Oh, I almost forgot. Mai? You're a fast runner, right?

: Uh, you mean Mai?

: Yep! I asked her to go out with me! Hey, uh, let's keep this between us.

: I'm surprised, you told me you didn't like her.

: Hmm. Actually, I always felt it was she who didn't care for me.

: Well, you picked on her.

: That was boyish expression of affection!

: Maybe she thinks you'll start picking on her again if she turns you down.

: For reals?

: Take it easy! I said maybe!

: I hope not. Maan!

: Nah, Mai isn't the type to say yes over something like that if she didn't mean it. Right?

: Uh, maybe not.

: Oh, I'm sorry. It's past visiting hours.

: Now, how should we go about this?

: I know a way.

: Huh? Hey... Hey, hang on! Wait for me!

: Break in? For reals?

: That expression, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't use it.

: Huh?

: Where... where is that? Ah! Got it!

: Oh my goodness.

: What's wrong?

: Huh? Oh, it's nothing.

: Is this it?

: It's because it's a program you're involved in, isn't it? Why didn't you finish what you were saying earlier?

: Must I?

: When someone asks a favor, they usually explain the whole reason for it.

: My entire reason was fear. I'm afraid of why and how something like this could happen. It's frightening that nobody ever noticed the problem, and it's terrifying that I failed to spot it the entire time! I'm pissed off at the morons around me! Oh, and I suppose "pissed off" is unacceptable, also?

: Are you incognito?

: In... what? You use lots of difficult words. How old are you?

: Well, no matter. We're going to be seeing some more of Sieg for a variety of reasons.

: But wait a minute! Wasn't Sieg?

: Everything has a backdoor. There's one to the clubhouse, and even to this game! It's the same in the real world as in the computer world. Whenever someone goes missing, there are always traces that can be followed. The last place they were seen, a verified time they were reported missing.

: If you grasp the outline of a void, it will gradually become a clear image. So long as his data is still left on the server, then we have something to go on.

: MaiMinase. There you have it. You gave his login name and password. Therefore, it was relatively easy to locate his data. And then there's this...

: You've seen it before, haven't you? Sieg2. It's like a clone. The name is different, but the contents are the same.

: This is the town you went to in the game, right?

: Mm-hmm.

The cameraman got bored with the scene and went to film the more interesting rain gutter.

: Now, here's the risky part. In order to recreate the same circumstances from when you played this before, you'll have to access along with me.

: Yeah, I figured.

: Huh? You did? Are you sure you want to do this? You might lose consciousness again, and it's possible you won't wake up this time.

: The chance of that is the same for you as well.
: You're right. Let's forget about it and go back home.

: A good plan.

: You're joking!

: *giggle* You're right. Don't worry, I'm not gonna collapse on you. I have the sound.

: So are you ready to go out on the field now?

: Uh-huh.

: All right! Let's do it! The keywords are Θ Chosen Hopeless Nothingness.

At this point, the background music starts playing Obsession, the theme from .hack//Sign. If this piece of music ever starts playing during any of the .hack anime series, some serious shit is about to go down.

: It looks like a run-of-the-mill playing field.

: Something's here!

At this point, the A in C Major sound starts playing and keeps playing repeatedly on top of Obsession and the characters speaking.

: Yeah, that's a minor character. The enemy characters are normal, too. Do you happen to remember which way you went, Mai?

: No.

: Wanna check out the dungeon?

: If there's something we discover, does it mean Tomonari will regain consciousness?

: Hmm... well, I have to be honest with you, Mai.

: That sound!

: Sound? I hear nothing but the background music.

: It's coming!

: Huh? What is it?

: Run!

: Which way? Where is it coming from?

: From the left!

: What? Where?

: Mr. Tokuoka!

: Stop!

: Mr. Tokuoka!

She repeatedly slaps him in the face. No good.

: Snap out of it!

She pulled the controller loose from the back of the desktop. She actually pulled the metal bracket out of place.

As soon as Mai kicked the flatscreen monitor into the CRT, the A in C Major "DING" sound stopped repeating, and Obsession finally stopped as well.

: *cough cough cough*


: Masaya! Hurry! He needs your help!

: What happened? "The World?"

: Mai, is he...?

: It's okay.

: Yeah?

: He'll wake up pretty soon.

: And you, Mai?

: The world isn't merely a game. I've learned that it's something more.

: If not a game, what?

: I'm pretty sure this man's looking for the answer to that... and me.

: *groan*

: He came out of it! See, I told you. Tomonari will wake up, too!

: Mr. Tokuoka?

: Oh, that hurt.

: I know how you feel. Are you alright?

: Hey there, partner. Are you ready to quit?

: You quitting?

: Nope! I'm not!

: We've only just begun!

: Only begun!

Meanwhile, Kite is in Dun Loireag, when he gets an e-mail alert...

There might be something there.

: (Thing with a red wand... It's the one that Orca and I ran into!)

Θ Chosen Hopeless Nothingness is added to the Word List.

The opening theme to Liminality Vol. 1 is called Edge and the closing theme is Tasogare no Umi both are pretty good and worth a listen.

Alright, folks. That brings Liminality Vol. 1 to a close. Next time: Level Grinding, and Θ Chosen Hopeless Nothingness. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of .hack//Infection!