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Part 34: .hack Outbreak - //Update 10 - Operation Breakwater

//Update 10

This update is gonna be a quick one. I probably could combine this and the next, but that would only serve to create one gigantic update and those take forever to write. One hour of furiously typing is better than several.

Moonstone does have a soft side! Aww, that's adorable.

Kite poking fun at Rachel never gets old.

Anyway, for once there are no forum posts to greet us, so we're off to investigate those keywords we found last time.

Oh I will never get tired of looking at that full complement of virus cores.

Commando bees sound like bad news. Like the sort of badass insects that could give killer bees a run for their money.

I don't even have things to say about some of these enemies. They're just completely forgettable.

Look at that, a dungeon that goes past the third floor!


: Harald...

Occasionally the white rooms sync up with the game's story. I'm sure that if I were better at reading hidden metaphors, I'd find they all did.

Quarantining the area where the wave appears sounds like it might work. In theory it should prevent the damage from spreading!


: Let's begin.

: The general idea is as written on the mail. If there are no questions... Helba, please tell us about our assigned roles.

: The remaining will quarantine the operation from other areas. That is all.

: We have yet to specify the location. We will commence the operation as soon as we know. Each of you, be prepared until the operation commences. I will mail you the operation period. That is all. Dismissed!

So it looks like I was right. The plan is for Lios to track the wave, Helba will herd it to a predefined area, then while Kite engages it in fighting the wave itself, everyone will quarantine the entire field, so when Kite eventually beats the wave the damage will be contained.

Thank god that Lios is bringing some employees with him, because it sounds like we potentially may not have enough people to quarantine the field.

This is good advice anyway. Playing in a darkened room with just the glow of a monitor is a great way to fuck up your eyes. Or at least give you a migraine. I have to have my desk lamp burning all the time to give me enough light to work by.

Anyway, we don't have any new e-mails yet. So let's see what's shaking in town.

Oh, hey Elk.

: I can't get in touch with Mia at all. Have you seen her?

: I haven't either.

: We promised to meet... I'll look a little more. Later!

We get a new e-mail notification. That's probably Wiseman, so let's see what's up.

The fact that CC Corp. has a cover-up unit is pretty fucked up.

We've got our destination. We've got our orders. Let's get to NetSlum!


: This is it.

: Be on guard.

: Let's make sure we're prepared before we begin.

: There is nothing to worry about. You can do it.

: Well then.

: Huh?

: Come on.

: Go on.

: Yes.

: We can't get started until you say it!

: Um... uh... this operation is to find the clue to restore "The World" and to help the comatose victims. It's my understanding that Wiseman named the operation in hopes that, like the jetties on the beach, we can nullify the powerful force of a wave by working together. Everyone, please lend me your hands!

: I would like to see Orca again as well. We gathered here for the same purpose.

: You, the holder of the bracelet, shall commence the operation.

: Show us what you got!

: That was good.

: I'm ready.

: I'm counting on you.

: Leave the quarantine to me. You just focus on the fight.

I'm cutting it here. I'm sorry that I was somewhat light on commentary this update, but there really wasn't a lot to say.

NEXT TIME: Phase 5, the Machinater.

See you then!