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Part 45: .hack Quarantine - //Update 07 - Ω Collapsed Traveler's Fort

//Update 07

Greetings again everyone! Today's update is gonna have a bunch of e-mails at the end again, but we're also covering the last two remaining sidequests.

After today we only have one remaining sidequest. We have to do something special to even have the ability to do this sidequest, which we will also be accomplishing today.

With so much going on today we're going to be very busy!

Moonstone's quest is first up. We've had this sidequest in our logs for the majority of the game now. Enough that it's actually buried a bit down on the Sigma Server list.

The Drygon is the only new enemies in the dungeon. Everything else is the same stuff we've been fighting for the past two updates.

: Hmm? Another objective?

: Ah... no, don't mind me.

: ???


: That Marine Spear... will you give it to me?

: Fine but... it's unusual that you would want a weapon that you can't equip.

: Th - thank you... let's return to B1.

: (Aquamarine) Yes?

: Uh...

: Oh! We've met before, haven't we?

: Marine Spear... Do you want to trade?

: You have Marine Spear?

: Trade with Moon Helm...

: Wow, thanks! You remembered that I wanted Marine Spear!

: Well... I... just got it... by chance, so...

: Thank you!

: No problem.

: Well, I'm going to go save. Later!

: I see. That's what you meant by "another objective." :-)

: ...... Don't.. tell anyone.

That's positively adorable.

The weapon is decent enough, but I don't want to lose any physical evasion so it'll just get tossed on the pile in my bank.

Marlo's turn! He wasn't very communicative on exactly what it was he wanted. He just gave us some keywords.

: Shut up! Just go on ahead!

Level 92 robes from a level 79 Gott Statue chest is pretty impressive! Anyway, our destination was the room with approximately a dozen chests.

: There are resurrection items and power up items in these treasure boxes.

: Marlo...

: Well, that's what it is.

: Thanks...

: Hurry up and collect the items and let's go back.

Marlo is a really good friend. The items in these chests are incredibly rare!

Noble Wine is this game's Megalixir. You can get an infinite supply of them from data draining Guardians from those story fields. Otherwise the only way to get them is here, some content we haven't seen yet, and by trading with Ryoko.

All those lore items we got increased our elemental resistance for the associated element by 2 points. It's nothing make-or-break, but it was still really generous of Marlo to let us have them.

Ryoko's dad black-bagged a boy for asking his daughter out.

Trying to order the messages by conversation gets very confusing when all you have is a 5-digit number that measures the order in which they were captured! I apologize if they're particularly hard to follow.

Anyway, earlier I mentioned that the last sidequest has a specific trigger.

These are the only things necessary to trigger the sidequest. Blackrose and Ryoko's affection must both be maxed out. Those of you who have played Quarantine know what is coming up next time.

If not, well buckle up guys. Kite has been earning the affection of a lot of women recently. What happens when two of those teenage girls go to war against each other?

NEXT TIME: Ω Raging Facing Mirrors Virgin.