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Part 51: .hack Quarantine - //Update 11 - Data Stabilized

//Update 11

We're back from that anime interlude! I do apologize for interrupting things on a cliffhanger like that. But there is no explanation in game for what happens after the server crash. Today's update is all about the ending anyway.


: It recovered?!

: Who knows... but one thing's for certain. My server is dead.

: It doesn't matter. Now is the time to end this.

At least Mai's timing was spot on.

After whatever that was, the fight proceeds as normal. Corbenik spits out three Seekers, you take care of them, smack the boss in the eye, and then it pulls off one of its abilities before repeating everything.

If you've made it this far, you've already won - it's just a matter of seeing things through to the end.


Morganna doesn't take losing very well. She knows she's lost, but she doesn't have to win. She just has to make sure that we don't.

Drain Heart is the one data drain ability we don't have yet. I tried so many times to get it to unlock and it never would. It's just a multi-target 2128 Drain.

(2128 Drain has a higher chance to get you rare items.)

Morganna is really really upset. She data drained Balmung four times there. She wanted to make sure he was down and out!

You would think that Kite would be trying to stop this instead of standing around doing nothing.

Hey, we know that robe and those shoes!

Elk is pretty awesome, you guys.

He was also mature enough to realize that he was acting like a little shit, and made up for it wholly.

Morganna really doesn't like Kite.

If this ending had been programmed even just three years later, this wouldn't have been a cool cutscene. Instead this would have been a QTE fest. Kite keeps dodging these drain spears, but only just.

This cutscene is also why I'm wary of this series being remade for PS3/PS4, because it just feels like some idiot developer would come in and demand that the ending to this 40 hour JRPG series be full of player interaction.

And just like that, the Network Crisis is over.

Aura dissolves into those blue will-o-the-wisps, which all start to fly away.

As the screen fades to white, a baby can be heard crying.

This ending cutscene is full of all sorts of cute little animations that are a pain to get a proper screenshot of.

For instance, Nuke is being jumped on by his rocker grunty while Rachel laughs.

I don't think that's how apoptosis works. Like at all.

Nuke is twitching in the background. Mr. and Mrs. Personality both are poking at him.

I just wanted to mark the occasion. This screenshot was numbered 11111. That's it. That's all. Just a dumb little thing that only I care about.

You can tell the artists did Lios's face earlier than Mistral's. Hers has more detail and looks better, while he doesn't have any eyes.

That's it guys. That was the .hack game series.


We're not done yet. There are still more challenges to come, still more things to do.

The road to 100% is a mountain and we've only climbed part of the way up. There is still lots of post-game content left to explore. But for now, I think we've earned this.

NEXT TIME: Daybreak.