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Original Thread: A Flashback To Another World: Let's Play onEscapee [VLP]



onEscapee (pronounced one-Escapee) is a 2D action-adventure title made by Hungarian developer Invictus Games in 1997 for the Amiga. It was also released for the PC in 2004 for free to celebrate the company's anniversary, and is currently available for the iPhone and iPod Touch as The Escapee. Proudly boasting features like "five-minutes long intro, dozens of cutscene animations, numerous puzzles and adventure elements, tens of monsters and robots to kill, professional soundtrack with more than 30 tracks and main character with more than 1200 hand-drawn animation frames!". The game is very similar to the popular Another World and Flashback titles, featuring the same brand of smooth vector graphics and lush detailed world with platformish gameplay, as well as plenty of obtuse puzzles and bullshit insta-deaths where your only salvation is an actual save feature.

You take the role of Daniel White, some poor sod who gets kidnapped by aliens and trapped in a strange new world, with nothing but his wits to help him escape.


"I was sitting in front of the TV, tired after a long and exhausting day.
Slowly, I began to doze off, sat in my armchair, in the centre of my room.
Sounds and sensations began to merge...the TV...the house...but I could hear footsteps!
Someone was at the front door. I heard a scrape, and someone running away....
BOOOM!!! The door was blasted off it's hinges, and landed right on top of me, almost as if they had seen through the wall and looked at where I was.
I knew well who they were. Gone are the days where we only wondered if there was life outside of our solar system.
We got used to them hanging around us.
We got a new civilisation, a new life and new friends.
In spite of that, I could never get rid of the feeling, that one day, they would take ME, like the others they had taken before. Sure, there was no proof, but I really did not want to get on that list "vanished without a trace".
They tried to lay me flat on the floor, but I bagan to struggle, which ended when I received a sickening hit on my head.....

....I regained my conciousness in a car.
Luckily, my abductors didn't realise that I was awake. I bagan to shout and kick, I tried to hit them, but I was terrified. As I tried to throttle the driver, he lost control, and the car broke through the barriers, and to my horror, into a deep chasm. I instantly regretted what I did, and realised, that in seconds, I would be dead.
The thought went through my mind, that if I had not struggled, I could have lived for a while, albeit on a distant planet....
....but my thoughts were broken, because, ridiculous as it may sound, the car turned into a flying ship, complete with dazzling light and a roaring engine. We headed outwards and on, into space.
The only thing that I could remember, is that we were still fighting heavily as we started to land.... was terrible. The crash, the impact, splinters, noise, screams, a shattering sound, and everything getting smashed up. I crawled out of the wreckage, and saw that there was some kind of strange liquid, bleeding out of the aliens, a very foul smelling disgusting liquid.
I noticed a device what looked like a communicator, which made odd sounds, chirping, all an urecognisable cacophany of sound.
I couldn't take the stress, I fainted.....

....hours, days may have passed, then something grabbed the shipwreck, lifted it up, with me still on board, and took it to a hideously disgusting place. What looked like a dumping ground.
Maybe they thought I was dead, and they threw me out like rag doll, in the middle of dirt, waste and litter. I was an Escapee - was I the only one?

That was the beginning, as I remember."

Daniel White

The old website is only available archived now but if you wanted to try the free PC version yourself () I've put it up here.

This will be a video playthrough of the whole game commentated by me and Paul.Power. While I'm already familiar with all the bullshit this game throws at you and will edit most of it out, I'll still keep some deaths around for the sake of preserving the full maddening experience.

Junkyard (TELEPKE)
City View (CTYVIEW)
Caves 1 (GNALRAB)
Darkness (FEKETES)
Cave Wall (JELKEEP)
Cave Puzzle (OKORKOR)
Caves 2 (BARLANG)
Lift Puzzle (LIFTWCM)
Robot Base 1 (HBRNTRS)
Cross Door Puzzle (TRIBUTT)
Robot Base 2 (SLPMNTR)
Wall Computer Puzzle (WALCOMP)
Robot Base 3 (VNTLTRS)
Boss Battle (BATKAMA)
Inside City (IN-CITY)
Lift Underwater (LIFTULJ)
City Bridge Puzzle (WCBRDGE)
City Exit Puzzle (WCGETTA)
Bar Song (BARABAR)
Bar Jazz (BAROUND)
Warehouse (HANGAIR)
Catwalk (GRIFFER)
Final Showdown (MZEPERX)
Ending (THE-END)

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IntroHosted ViddlerYoutube
Junkyard and CavesHostedBlip.tvViddlerYoutube
More CavesHostedBlip.tvViddlerYoutube
Robot BaseHostedBlip.tvViddlerYoutube
More Robot BaseHostedBlip.tvViddlerYoutube
No More Robot BaseHostedBlip.tvViddlerYoutube
Fuck the CityHostedBlip.tvViddlerYoutube
River and WarehouseHostedBlip.tvViddlerYoutube
OutroHosted ViddlerYoutube
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