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realMyst: Masterpiece Edition

by mikeycp and cat doter

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Original Thread: Enthusiasm Beats Effort: The Casual LP Thread 3.0



My friend (cat doter) and I played through realMyst: Masterpiece Edition the other week. We decided to record it.

We kinda skipped through the lore books when we played, so I'll go back and record those as they become relevant. I'll put the notes I took in the lore book videos. (Well, that part didn't happen...) At this point I'm not sure how much I'll edit things down. I'm gonna try to get episodes of this out on Wednesdays. I didn't think this needed its own thread (in fact it'll probably get more traffic here).

Needless to say, this is going to spoil all the puzzles in the game, so go play Myst if you're interested in them (You should be. It's good and also cheap.).

Thanks for hopefully watching!


Episode 1 - The Stranger
Episode 2 - Groundwork
Episode 2.5 - Channelwood Lore
Episode 3 - Ewok Village
Episode 3.5 - Stoneship Lore
Episode 4 - Rough Waters
Episode 5 - Lost at Sea
Episode 6 - Maestro
Episode 6.5 - Selenitic Lore
Episode 7 - Rocket Man
Episode 8 - Rollercoaster
Episode 9 - Get in Gear
Episode 9.5 - My Personal Hell
Episode 9.75 - Mechanical Lore
Episode 10 - Goose Chase
Episode 11 - A Bit Late
Episode 12 - The End Begins
Episode 13 - Garbage Puzzle
Episode 14 - The Ends
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