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Original Thread: I tickle her arse with my mobile phone. Let's play wordimagesoundplay [VLP]


This LP is also available on the Internet Archive! Some video LPs are kindly hosted by the folks on This means the original source videos will always be available for download or watching, even if the original video hosts are no longer available!


Let's Play wordimagesoundplay!

Wordimagesoundplay is not really a game, but an art project released by tomato for the PS2 in 2004. It enjoyed a limited release of 4-5 thousand copies, released only in Japan (despite being made in the UK). The game is really not that fun at all and can be really boring, especially in the first two segments of this thing which we will square away before getting to the good stuff! If you enjoy really bizarre and esoteric games as Minifoo and I do, you may enjoy this short LP. We are looking at 4-5 videos tops (not counting intro), which makes this ideal for our first LP.

Minifoo and I intend to explore each part of the disc. I have no way of knowing if this is a 100% run of the game, there are no FAQs or supplemental information to go on. We may rip some music and post it (provided it is not considered , there's no soundtrack and the songs dont exist on any of the contributing artists' discography to our knowledge. May we have mod permission to post this?) (thank you slowbeef). We originally intended to play this on an emulator (because it uses text scaling in interesting ways), but two of the games' segments will be video captured on actual PS2 hardware, since those tools have become available and the emulator throws a fit in certain parts. There is a slight jitter on the latlong video and as a result the text may be difficult to read. The follow up post will include all extraneous content such as text transcription.


Part 0: intro, backstory [blip/mp4] - Optional but highly recommended, as this goes into more detail about the production team behind the game, and give context to later chapters with a look at the game's website.

wordimagesoundplay is divided into 4 segments, each will have its own video:

Part 1: latlong [blip/mp4] - by far the most wordy of wordimagsoundplay

Part 2: miracles and wonders [blip/mp4] - images! lots of images!

Part 3: phonology [blip/mp4] - finally, we meet people! they make sounds at us but one of them says hi

Part 4: sleeping eye [blip/mp4] - play with a branch

If you wish to purchase wordimagesoundplay, your best bet will be to check Yahoo Japan Auctions. Prices seem to vary from about 30 USD to 120 USD (shipping figured in) for sealed copies.


Wallpapers I made for myself, I'll probably redo these so the text doesn't look awful but for now,

Text dumps

Latlong <linking words are highlighted like this in the .dat files>:
English [London doesn't begin/Dawn comes quickly]
Japanese [London doesn't being/Dawn comes quickly]

Miracles and Wonders - All 8 chapters:

Music lineouts (songs were given titles based on their context) (running GST, will make complete archive when everything is recorded):

Latlong - tokyo traffic thrombosis & a sound like whalesong
Miracles and Wonders - All 8 music loops as one track
Phonology - All sound samples!
Sleeping Eye - All music loops

or: download all 4 - wordimagesoundplayGST
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