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007: Blood Stone

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 15: Episode 3-7




The embodiment of functional sniper rifle design, the M24 is a well balanced, single shot, semi-automatic. Its 6x zoom makes it more than proficient in picking off targets at a long distance and its pin point accuracy allows snipers to bank on every bullet hitting its mark.



The M1 is in its element when using its large ammo capacity to suppress enemies at a distance, then move up for a close range killing shot. It's relatively fast fire rate makes it an intimidating force. Skilled marksmen will also find its tight spread an ally in taking out enemies at medium range.


Rak's Helicopter

Rak's helicopter is a multi-mission, highly versatile aircraft with two flight modes offered by its tilt rotor propulsion. This allows it to take-off vertically before rotating the rotors for an airplane flight mode. This model has been customized to include a rear-gunner emplacement and heavy underside armor to prevent anti-air attacks.


Pressure Controls

Schematics show these terminals are designed to control the distribution of water throughout the dam. With the site still under construction, operating these terminals may lead to uncontrollable pressure variation and possible ruptures.