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by SelenicMartian

Part 13: Lucky Thirteen

: At least not out here.

: Don't worry. There's no one there.

: You go first.

: Stay classy, Mike.

: You can't be serious guys. Alright: I'm going in.

: I just had to take a closer look at that face...

: You see? No none there. Everything's fine! Welcome home.

: I don't know. Something's... strange here.

: Nonsense. Everything's as it should be. We'll have a close look in a minute.

: No, not then. Now.

: There was no one here, You know what we're gonna do now? We're gonna have a drink! We've done it again people!

: Where are you? Bernard? Mike?

: What's wrong?

: DUN DUN DUUUN! Oh wait, we already know that.

: The business card from my monitor. It was from my boss at Megabase.

: No. I haven't lost it. It was taped to the monitor, right here, since I've been working there. Always.

: No one's going to come in here and steal a business card.

: Perhaps something else is missing.

: Well, nothing of mine is missing. You're mistaken.

: Check again. And... what about Bernie?

: Bernard?! Is anything missing from your room? Bernard? Where's he got to this time?

: Where is he? Wait a minute... Of course there are things missing. His luggage isn't here. What the...

: That can't be... !

: This can't be true.

: You can see it, can't you?

: I'm gonna call him.

: Not with your mobile. Use the phone downstairs - we should play it safe from now on.

: You're right.

: And I'm back in control for the first time since grabbing the painting.

: I can't wander freely though.

: Oh, looking at the drill suddenly works now.

: You ought to be able to get through even thicker walls with that.

: Can't look at the newspaper, can't look at the projection screen. There's only the phone.

: No new messages.

: Wait, they actually have a receiver animation and simply never used it before?

: Then why was she talking to Tom over the loudspeaker?

: Hello. This is Bernard Dewaele's mailbox. Leave your message after the tone. Thank you for calling.

: Bernard. This is Cathryn. Bernard, please call back. Immediately. Call back and tell me that it's not true.

: "It's not true! Bye, suckers!"

: I can't believe it. That just can't be true. We'll wait. He'll get in touch.



: Cathryn, he won't call back. He's done a number on us. Look at this, the paper.

: I don't want to read the paper now.

: Bernie definitely DID read it.

: It says here that the people we were supporting are broke. They didn't get any money... Bernard kept it for himself.

: That's why he's gone. His cover would have been blown today, What a slimy creep!

: In case it's not clear, the gimmick of these thieves was to regularly donate most of their illegal profits to charities. The only places where this supposedly positive trait was actually stated clearly were the pre-release announcements for the game and page 19 of the manual.

Oh, there's also the character sheet...

...and the only image of Robert at work...

...and Cathryn posing.


: There must be an explanation for this.

: There's another article on page one. Have you seen it? Brown, the Prime Minister, is dead. All of a sudden. Just like Henston.

: You're usually the first one to celebrate that kind of thing.

: Go on? What does that mean?

: There's something not quite right.

: You're seeing ghosts Mike. What's wrong with you all? McBride paranoid... you too, Bernard's betrayed us... Have you all gone mad? Why are we doing all of this?

: Perhaps, you are the problem, Cathryn.

: You tell me.

: Are you ready for more newspaper?

: Good job, game. You killed an actual British PM.

What the hell is "inquiry into the ircumstances"?

As you see, this is the issue from the 15th. How did no one notice the front page article when they brought the paper with them in the morning?

: Hmhm... We're stopping. Now. Today.

: I know. We'll do that and then that's it.

: (keeps quiet)

: (keeps quiet)

: Perhaps you should try calling Bernie again?

: No. Get the stuff. It's almost three. We're gonna finish this off.


: Oh God. Thank God for that. I'll get it.

: Cathryn. This is your father. I'm so happy that I've finally reached you. Why didn't you call back?

: What do you want, Dad?

: Cathryn, listen to me. I think something dreadful has happened.

: You're right there.

: Now stop that. It's important. I... I sold something years ago. I regret it now and you need to know about it.

: Oh, right!

: Can we meet? I can't speak freely on the phone.

: I'm not interested in your business, dad. If you earn money out of people killing each other, then you have to live with that.

: Cathryn, just one question: are you caught up in something illegal?

: Less so than you.

: So, you are..? For God's sake! Who are you involved with? You must tell me!

: I have to go Dad.

: Never go full dad.

: Cathryn! Don't hang up!

: Now listen to me! It's for your own good!

: I'm hanging up now.


: Bye!

: What the hell was that... ?

: Let's go.


: That's him again. Are you gonna let it ring?

: He can talk to the answer phone. Come on now.

: I think you're in great danger! I have influential friends and you need them now. You're involved in something bad. And I... I fear that it's partly my fault. Cathryn! Pick the phone up immediately!

: Sometimes I think the game gives me control for one click not because they wanted be to play, but to give me a save opportunity. I can't even go back into the loft.

: What's wrong now Cathryn. Let's get this thing done.

: Bugger!

: Yeah, the paper just pops on the screen. Delivered all the way from London to Paris.

: Goddam... I don't believe it. And I'm lying in the hospital thanks to that Neanderthal. Yeah, well, at least the van's still there. I have to get to the Musée de Paris immediately.

: WHY? The break-in happened while you were out cold, and the first news you saw was the PM dying, which is directly related to your assignment.

: I know. Jack Stern, International Police, Washington. The incidents here might have something to do with a case that I'm working on. I'd like to have a look around. And I have a couple of questions for you.

: Monsieur, I'm not sure if I can let you in here. The POISONOUS criminal investigators expressly forbid...

: OK, listen Mr...

: Duval. Cedric Duval.

: Mr. Duval. It's really quite urgent. I'll take full responsibility. Please let me in.

: The British PM died so I urgently need to examine the hole in your basement... That could make a decent premise for porn, but 15 Days is supposed to be a thriller.

: Is Cedric checking his hair?

: And those were the only two examinable spots in the whole museum. We can't even check out the blast site. Let's chat with the useless owl.

: How long have you worked here?

: For thirty POISONOUS years.

: That's a long time. Were you on yesterday?

: Yes, but I wasn't doing nights. However I was on the premises. I was watching the POISONOUS fireworks.

: And there was nothing missing from the museum?

: Not one tiny thing. Well except for the wall in the basement of course.

: I'd like to take a look at that.

: Of course. Come with me.

: The zombies in Yakuza Dead Souls look more alive.

: Yes, yes, of course. That was known. They discovered that during the building work.

: I love recaps as much as Jack loves rules.

: Oh.

: Yes. The POISONOUS diggers broke through the catacombs. But of course it was never made public.

: Hmm... Have you noticed anything unusual recently?

: How do you mean?

: Any particular thing happen? Building work? Suspicious, or maybe especially curious visitors?

: No. Not really. Or, just a minute, There was a POISONOUS young woman here a week ago. She was asking about the basement. When it was built and so on.

: A young woman. Was she on her own?

: I didn't see anyone.

: How come the alarm didn't go off with the explosion?

: Erm... Parts of the alarm system had been shut down because of the fireworks. The air pressure sensors are much too sensitive for that kind of POISONOUS disturbance.

: Did anybody know about that?

: No. The staff of course. Although...

: Yes..?

: Now Jack is stroking his cheek considering a shave.

: What then, although? Come on, it might be important.

: No, no. I'm mistaken.

: You discussed this with someone? Isn't that the case? Come on. Who was it?

: I mentioned it to a POISONOUS tourist. It slipped out when we discussing the fireworks.

: And thus Cedric is single-handedly responsible for leaking critical security info to extremely lucky thieves.

: What did he look like?

: About forty. Slim. POISONOUS! A bit of a lived-in face. Spoke with an accent... maybe Belgian.

: OK. Thank you Cedric. You've helped me a lot.

: Come on. Let's go back up.

: You know how to make a criminal vs. detective plot more interesting to the audience and avoid unnecessary recaps?

: You make the detective notice the shit the criminal has overlooked or deemed insignificant: tiny details, inconsistencies, junk. That way the narrative from both sides gives new information to the viewer.

: One of my most favourite shows, Columbo, used this from 1968 to 2003. 15 Days can't get one sodding case right.

: Here we go again.

: Chief? This is Jack.

: Ah. Nice to hear from you, Jack.

: Yes Chief. That's why I'm calling.

: What the hell is going on? The goddam British Prime Minister is dead! In London! And who's got no results? Who hasn't even got any leads? Who is in God damn Paris instead of London and doesn't even call in for over a week? YOU Jack, YOU!

: It's goddam impressive that InterPol loses contact with an agent and takes no steps to find his whereabouts for a week.

: Chief, let me...

: Chief, I was in hospital. I got beaten up. I was unconscious for three days and was in intensive care for two days after that.

: And now I'm OK and fine. And they didn't even notice the police ID that I have, and never informed anyone.

: Ah. How did that happen?

: Well, how that kind of thing always happens. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

: I just told a nightclub bouncer that he was a steroid freak.

: Oh really. Not even a suspect?

: No Sir.

: But it would appear you're better now. Good. I'm removing you from the case, Frazier is taking over.

: Chief, please listen to me first. I told you about this trio. They were here and are probably back in London now. I'm absolutely certain that those three have something to do with these deaths. Let me just go back to London and close off the case.

: No. I've got no idea what you're investigating Jack, but I do know one thing: you're stopping it right now. You're going back to London and handing over your files to Frazier.

: Frazier is an idiot.

: That might be true, but at least he's an efficient idiot.

: Damn, I'm starting to wish we had Frazier on the case instead of Jack.

: When's he coming?

: He'll be at the airport in 24 hours.

: Fine. Will you do me one last favour?

: WHAT then?

: Keep on sending me the cell phone data from Mensforth.

: If it makes you happy. Now get your butt to London. Don't get into any fights on the way. I want to know as soon as you're there.

: Yes Chief, no problem.

: It's not over yet! Why?

: Hello Jack. Tell me - where are you?

: And what did you do to our van?

: In Paris.

: What the hell are you doing in Paris? Do you read the papers?

: Yeah, Jack's got fresh London papers flying into his face in Paris.

: (sighs) YES. What it is Jordan?

: Jack, it was you who called him.

: The results from the analysis are back.

: Oh! Yes! And? Shoot!

: Well Jack. Unfortunately there's nothing spectacular to report. Just as I expected. All the guys could find were some minute traces of polyvinyl alcohol, less than the size of a pin head.

: Polyvinyl alcohol? What the hell's that?

: It's a water soluble synthetic material. It's used in films. It was probably residue from the packing material. The painting had been transported recently.

: Oh, they were analysing the painting, not Henston. With this and the date chat I think one of the earlier dialogues with Jordan went missing.

: You don't have anything else?

: I'm sorry. We've now got more important things to do, as I'm sure you can imagine. I'm sure you do too.

: I'm being replaced by a colleague in 24 hours.

: Yeah. Perhaps. I'm on my way back to London. I'll see you there.

: Alright. See you then.

: OK. Get it over and done with. And don't take too long.

: But you... look sad.

: Come on.


: I can tell there's a fantastic atmosphere between you two up there. If there are any problems, tell me straight away.

: You are very punctual.

: Thank you.

: Did you have a nice time in Paris?

: Where did the three of them stay for the week, by the way?

: I'd say so.

: A beautiful city, isn't it? The city of love, isn't that what you say here? And I see you brought me back a souvenir. May I?

: Just a second.

: Yes... ?

: Of course you do. I would be surprised if you didn't.

: Brown, the Prime Minister, died yesterday.

: Yes, I read about that. Regrettable. He had four children - and a beautiful wife.

: "Four children and a wife" is the writer's shorthand for "look it up later". What does the Wiki tell us about the children of Gordon Brown? One daughter born prematurely, died at the age of 10 days to a brain haemorrhage, one son, and one son with a genetic disorder inviting all kinds of health problems.

: He also lent a painting out to the London Modern. The painting that you know have. MP Henston had also lent out a painting.

: It certainly is. It makes me wonder whether it would be right to give you this painting.

: If it would be right... that's an interesting question. You're a brave woman, Ms. Hope. You have pledged your life to the idea of doing the right thing. That is your promise to yourself. Are you doing the right thing now Ms. Hope?

: So, it's Mrs. Cathryn but Ms. Hope.

: I'm doing what is necessary.

: Then we have the same motives.

: Mr. Odila. We don't work for you any more... We're not working at all any more. Whatever is is you are doing, it's neither right nor necessary. It's just abhorrent.

: Her eyes are up there. Dead and soulless.

: You don't work for me anymore. You're not working at all anymore.

: Nevermore!

: There's only one person of worth to us in you naïve little revolutionary group.

: And who is that in your opinion?

: Today is your last day. Enjoy the sunset.

: Oh hell... Cathryn!?

: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the best cutscene of the entire game.

: Super-Mike spots trouble!

: Odila pulls out his gun! Again.

: Mike messes with the remote control!

: Odila keeps pointing the shaking gun!

: The wheel jerks and stops! You can see a thin aura around the characters as if this were a green screen scene.

: Odila bangs his head!

: Don't fondle him! Take the gun, you idiot!


: And it's a miss!

: Odila makes angry gestures and evil grunting noises!

: More evil grunting noises!

: Oh, no! Mike is being attacked by... uh.. a guy with a big black rod?

: And here's Jack! And look behind him for the barren late '90s 3D wasteland representing London.

: Wonder-

: -JUMP!

: All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!

: Jack tackles the blank-faced ninja!

: So fluffy!

: Mike notices the commotion and runs!

: Hey!

: Jack can't follow due to bad back!

: The stealthy dude retreats maintaining a natural posture!

: Our "heroes" escape!

And that was the best minute of 15 Days. Watch it in motion, if you don't believe me.