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15 Days

by SelenicMartian

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Original Thread: We're told it could be 15 Days, we're busy digging holes



If you got the thread title reference without Google, sing while you can, and watch it all in colour.

Let's play 15 Days

The Exhibit
Developed by House of Tales Entertainment and published by dtp Entertainment in 2009 (2010 for the English version), 15 Days is a German point & click adventure game about some British art thieves. Despite the names of the releasing companies it features little intentional entertainment, mainly because it's shit.
From what I've found, two German YouTubers tried to LP it. Neither got past the 30 minute mark before bailing out. It's that effective.

What to expect simply warns us


Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, avoid 15 Days.
There's a review there, too. Complete with comments bitching about "low ratings killing the genre". Note, that 15 Days managed to score there lower than Mystery of the Druids by the same devs.

Buggery of the Druids
The studio's Mystery of the Druids featured a puzzle in which the main character, a Scotland Yard detective, steals 60p from a homeless beggar to pay for a phone call.
Our hero can't call from his office or from his home, he has to do it from a payphone in Oxford, but his wallet is missing. The only source of money in the entire world is a homeless guy who wants a proper drink. With only some apple juice and no alcohol at hand our detective teleports back to Scotland Yard and stumbles into a crime lab. There he looks at a row of bottles and won't take the one labelled "C2H5OH" because he's an utter failure, so instead he wipes them all clean. Then he talks to his colleague running the lab, and casually shifts the subject to how good it is to have alcohol. The chemist replies that pure alcohol is dangerous to drink, then offers some. After regaining consciousness our detective dusts the bottles for prints finding the one with the magic nectar. Then he mixes a lot of it with the apple juice in a flask, teleports to the loaded beggar and offers him some "apple cider". As the beggar instantly passes out, our hero takes the change, makes a call, has a cutscene and books a flight to Europe. My guess is, he raises the cash by gassing an orphanage.

This is the official cover art for Mystery of the Druids.

Releasing something like that could have killed a lesser studio, but for House of Tales team it was the starting point. Thanks to the lax quality standards in the genre they proceeded to make a dull sci-fi spy thriller Moment of Silence, and an interactive movie about fucked up children, Overclocked: A History of Violence. 15 Days finally did them in. Within four months after the release both founders bailed out. The studio made a single hidden object game in 2010 and was dissolved in 2012.

Where to buy
Gamersgate. Their screenshot line-up contains an obvious spoiler, by the way.

Spoiler policy?
If you've played this, my condolences. Don't directly spoil the game, let's traumatise the audience at a proper pace.
Tell us more about Mystery of the Druids instead.

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