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Part 4: Nice night for a walk

Nice night for a walk

El Vertigo is a cheery place.

I don't like the look of this, Fred.

Paquito, see if you can get the point across.


It's not a good idea to bluff with an empty-

The party bolts for the prison gates. Paquito takes another grazing hit on the way in.

Seeing that the guards are disinclined to intervene, Ivanov climbs one of the watchtowers and taunts the thugs outside.

If they want Miguel, they'll have to come through the gate to get him.

Rat-a-tat gat.

Paquito goes up to reconnoiter.

Ivanov and Paquito head outside to mop up the stragglers.

With Miguel behind bars, the team backtracks to a new town they passed on the way.

Paquito needs stitches.

This is a town of unhappy people.


On the way back to Sagrada, Ivanov delivers that package to Campecino's mayor, helps an arms dealer pay his back taxes, and buys some classy hardware.

How does one IWB a Parabellum, anyway?

Time to break the news to Paco.

Paco's great idea is to wave a case of fake money in front of his suspects and tell them where we're going with it.

Meet Kelly, BSM's second free teamster. She's supposed to be Chinese or something.

Her starting loadout is pretty meh. We can fix that.

7.62 tok

All done here. We'll try Santa Maria first, and finish our business with Mister Parker in the bargain.