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Part 3: Can I chug a cappuccino in Campecino?

Ygolonac posted:

Does 7.62 (vanilla or BSM) give you a "ha ha, fuck you" mission like the gold-bar delivery in BE5?

You bet it does.

Can I chug a cappuccino in Campecino?

I think you guys know the drill by now: run around and say hello to the bartender, chief of police, etc. The local vendor has some good stuff, but I need to get a few more of the easy missions done before I start splurging on gag guns.

Paquito finds Daft Willy behind the bar, mixed in with a couple of bums. It turns out he left the lost luggage with his cousin in Sagrada.

Ivanov, meanwhile, stumbles onto a new job at the hospital:

This is Clive Parker. Clive is sad because he loves a girl named Benicia and her father wants to kill him. Seems daddy and his girl were those VIPs in the Santa Maria hotel.

There are worse wedding gifts - kitchen appliances, boat anchors, VAX-11s...

But first, Ivanov must have his luggage!

And we're close to it at last!

The local bandits are packing USGI heat. Word on the street is that the authorities turn a blind eye to them because they beat up protesting students.

Protesting students.

You know a community has issues when the mayor and the arms dealer hang out on the front steps of the town hall. The mayor gave Ivanov an easy job, delivering a package to his colleague in Campecino. We'll deal with that in due time.

Next Ivanov goes to the police station and recovers his luggage. What was so important about that luggage?

Clever girl.

Folding stocks can be collapsed or extended at will. Firing with the stock folded gives a speed bonus when shooting from the hip, but incurs a penalty for aimed shots.

Paco the Taco is an even more repellent personality than his cousin Paquito. He gives out the next few jobs in the Blue Sun questline, and after that we can give zero fucks about him.

His first task is to bust a scruffy guy for robbing a skanky lady. His second task is to stop a suicide bomber from attacking the police station.

Wrong words, buddy. Wroooooong words.

After that, it's off to Santa Maria to bust a drug dealer by fair means or foul.

But not before flashing Ivanov's shiny new badge at the police quartermaster.

While Ivanov was running errands, Paquito pried open somebody's crates and took their books. Field manuals can be read to grant a one-time skill bonus, like magazines, but they're also worth keeping for a later quest. Into the car they go.

Ivanov sorts out his pockets.

Whither Nina and Pinta?

Back in Santa Maria, the dealer is quickly butt-sted.

Besides the bag of drugs up his ass  thanks to yours truly , the jerk also had a box of not-shitty 9mm ammo!

The party barely makes it back to Sagrada before trouble strikes. Looks like some of the perp's enemies see an opportunity to whack him.

Ivanov shoves Miguel into the station and stakes out the front entrance.

Paquito spots the first thug charging up the street, brandishing a Ruger Speed-Six like a talisman against his own stupidity.

Browning > Ruger.

Paquito drops the first thug, then ducks around the back of the walled garden as Ivanov lies in wait for the next challenger. Mercs can be ordered to hold their weapons at the ready, but doing so for too long drains stamina as their arms become tired.

Another thug tries to ambush Ivanov from behind.

Perhaps he thought he was the one.

Fatally wounded, a thug runs away only to pass out and bleed out in the street.

A panicking Miguel runs onto the station roof, drawing the antagonists' attention.

Best thing you ever did, Miguel.

Paquito spots a thug hanging back and moves to intercept as Ivanov holds down the front.

Nine pellets? But what if he needs to own the night?

Paquito takes out the last man, but suffers a grazing hit. Luckily he knows how to slap on a bandage.

After turning Miguel over to Paco, our boys shake down the bodies.

Paquito finds another crate near the final thug.

Now Paco wants Miguel escorted to El Vertigo prison, and who are the best men for the job?

This is when the difficulty curve starts going up. Way up.