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Part 6: Hotel hi-ho

Skyscraper posted:

Does the game still require you to tote guns back manually? I always thought that this game needed either the Torchlight dog to go sell things for you from the field, or at least an XCOM-style "mission's over, you picked everything up, you can look at it at your base" type feature.

Once you have a vehicle with a big enough cargo capacity, loading it with salvaged gear and stopping by the nearest trader becomes pretty much a no-effort way to make money.

Hotel hi-ho

Before we have our shooting of mans, let's weasel our way inside and find out who's who.

The place is pretty well defended. Besides the toughs outside, there's a group guarding the old man and backup lurking on the second floor. It's obvious they're not going to let Benny simply walk out of here.

Ivanov, you cover the rear.

Kelly, Paquito, you deal with the guys at the front.


You run the fuck away.

Caston fires at Benny as she flees. Ivanov serves him a buckshot brunch.

With an extra helping for the worst father in law ever!


Benny has had enough of this Mickey Mouse bullshit.




Clive isn't too happy about all the people our heroes shot... But he said the same thing when I pulled off a no-kills run, so fuck him.

Back to Sagrada and Paco the Taco.

In vanilla 7.62, that's the last you see of Benny and Clive. In BSM, Benny returns to Santa Maria after Clive dumps her. She becomes the team's third free merc.

Paco has put us in touch with the Bobling clan, who live in a seaside fortress made of shipping containers. The clan is run by Billy-Bob, Jim-Bob, Crazy Bob, Wee Bob and Big Bob.

We're almost done with Paco's line of jobs, but the Boblings have plenty for the team to do.

Ivanov et Cie head back to settle up with Paco, but come under attack when they arrive. Again.