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Part 7: Assholes and elbows

Keep in mind that mercs have a limited FOV and can't see enemies behind cover.

I can't pretend to know how the BSM leveling system works, but I think it's tied to the number of kills you've racked up.

Assholes and elbows

Antagonists, Robbers and Criminals, oh my!

Benny does pretty well for a rookie, outflanking and killing two of the baddies with her 1911.

Ivanov stocks up on Micro-Uzi mags and Benny takes a lightly used Ithaca.

And that's the last we have to see of Paco.

Now for the rube Crazy Bob wanted taken out.

Gnarl or Glorg or something

I think it's time to check out that NATO base.

The gang has superior numbers and firepower. Fighting in the open is suicide.

Shoot and scoot - two of yours, two of mine.


Ready... Steady...

Ivanov waits for the pursuers...

But they don't take the bait, so he flashbangs them instead.

The gang leader, Garl, has a key of interest.

Get out of here S.T.A.L.K.E.R. gun.

Another free gun, you say? Sign me up!

Garl's key unlocks the safe in the commander's office. Inside the safe are a UMP-45, two spare mags, a suppressor...

I think this was Paco's final reward or something.

Shotgun Strumpet, Kellyzuspudt, Paquitab, Ivano4747.