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Part 14: Night in the armory

Do more missions, kill more mans.

Night in the armory

The dealers in Cali-Cantinos tend to stock upper-tier guns first.

Stefan Uribe is heading to new digs. Meanwhile let's buy some new toys for the tots.



Warbadger special:


Mishaco special:

Crossing the border. The truck is tough and has a much bigger capacity than the car, but also makes a lot more noise.

The arms dealer in Campecino needs a favor.

And now our base has an in-house dealer.

Olvega is a location we haven't seen before.

Despite being in open rebellion against General Sosa, the town has all the usual amenities. It's run by these two guys:

A familiar face has also settled down here.

There are some bandits hanging about as well. Locals say the rebels are stretched too thin to deal with them.

Well well well.

Fill your hands, you sons of bitches!

Pistol + shoot from hip + fast turn =

Over there! It's Cate Archer!

It's high time we met the rest of the rebels.