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Part 13: Sauerkraut and salsa

Only the player character can level up, but other mercs learn from experience. The character screen is accessed by right-clicking the notebook in the quest items section at the bottom of the inventory window. Leveling up earns points which you can spend to improve your player character's stats, or something.

To heal a merc, put the bandage in his/her hand (same slot as the active weapon), right-click on it, and select 'Heal self'. To heal a different merc or an NPC, click the 'Treat' button next to the active weapon slot, then click the casualty. Healing items have a limited number of uses, so swap out the used ones regularly.

Sauerkraut and salsa

We don't have a fix on the remaining bandits, but the bartender in Puerto Viejo knows someone else who needs a hand.


Driving a truck to Cali-Cantinos... Well, how bad could it be?


Challenge mode: drive the truck to Cali-Cantinos without murdering the fuckwit in the passenger seat.

Driving south, the convoy encounters a 'haha fuck you' mission!


The bandits are packing some heavier heat now.

That intervention earned the team both a cash reward and a new employee.

Back on the road!

Now what?


Kraufism is contagious.

Without skipping ahead, who knows how to disarm the bomb?

Vnimaniye muzhiki!


We fought them off, but Krauf is hopping mad.

Better and better.

Look, man, let's just bug out and call it even, okay?

...Oh, fuck it.

The reward for all that blood and sweat? Krauf's beloved Soviet armored truck.