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Part 12: Dashing deeds done dirt cheap

I guess I can see how one might use that command and then forget to undo it, but I'm fussy enough about post-combat cleanup that it's never happened to me. vv

Dashing deeds done dirt cheap

You may recall that we encountered a mechanic in Ciudad de Oro whose family had been murdered by five bandits. We've actually met two of those bandits during our travels, and now it's time to put them out of action.

The first bandit is Antonio Costa of Santa Maria. His mama calls him Tony. What he does is his business, and his business is what he does.

What he does is push up daisies.

We may need some heavier firepower soon.

The second bandit is Ramon Vasquez, leader of the student-beaters in Sagrada.

Too bad for him that our mercs have been practicing synchronized quickdraws in their downtime.

Across town, one Ricardo Querano is looking for a few good men to avenge the murder of his brother.

First we go to the police station for more details...

...Then to Ciudad de Oro to follow up some leads.

The chief suspect puts a different spin on Querano's yarn.

Seems that old man knows more than he let on.

The alleged victim is alive, well, and utterly useless.

Ivanov makes a deal with Amorales.

Querano takes the bait.

Neither of them seem trustworthy. We'll need some insurance.

A moonlight meeting in the countryside. How idyllic.

Backup came as promised, but it looks like Querano doesn't intend to honor the deal.

And neither does Amorales.

Ivanov takes the bosses' guns as trophies, and chucks a couple of spares into the trunk.

Querano did bring money, but we'd better leave it for the cops.

Back to Sagrada to settle up with the chief, and then we're on the road again. Three bandits are still at large.