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Part 19: Press 1 to hoist petard

Nobody's selling the AK-107 in my game yet. I did see one AK-101 in Cali-Cantinos, though.

Press 1 to hoist petard

We have a little more leeway for this ambush. The enemies don't appear immediately and there's only one entry point.

This is a brick of C4 with a radio detonator.

To plant the C4, place it in the active weapon slot, select one of the four detonator channels, click 'set', and place it on the ground.

This is a brick of TNT. Drop it near the C4 and it will detonate sympathetically.

...Along with all the others bricks of TNT. Shooting the charge or setting off a grenade nearby will also work.

This is a four channel radio detonator. It has buttons and an antenna.

The enemies spawn when one of your mercs moves away from the entry point. For obvious reasons, your least useful merc should do this part.

Wot makes me a good Demoman?

A second and larger group quickly appears, however, leaving no time to plant more charges.

The team retreats down the road and forms a defensive line.

They hand out a hammering, but sheer numbers force them to retreat further.

Ivanov holds the rear...

...While Rob Yu clears the front.

Back to Tang.


Errands again.

A shady-looking place full of shady-looking people.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out to be a doublecross.


pop pop

What were they so intent on keeping?

Anything good in this dump?

I forgot to mention it before, but you can find another of these on Pedro Nunez after he 'commits suicide'.