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Part 18: Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice

A hop, skip and a jump from the army base is Campecino, and in Campecino is a doctor with a difficulty.

He sends the team to Cali-Cantinos in search of scarce and expensive meds.

I had a feeling it wouldn't be that easy.

Been waiting for an excuse to use this.

Okay, that was easy.

Tanya said Vittori de Castigo would have work to do.

Kill a dude with a snake. That's a new one.

*whistles innocently*

I wonder if this will come in handy...

All done, boss!

Wait... You want me to go all the way back there?

And deal with the crazy snake guy again?

Man, there'd better be a cushy pension at the end of all this...

At home on the base, some new faces have appeared.

Looks like the base staff have started recruiting a private militia. This will be useful later in the game.

A mechanic, a dealer and a doctor. What more does a base need?

New developments in the Blue Sun affair:

Besides a sizable security force, the Blue Sun corporation maintains an on-base vendor.

As usual, we arrived just ahead of somebody nasty.


Ivanov is not the only one favoring flechette shells today.

Hitmen wearing Algeiran Guardia uniforms...

No rest for the wicked, or for anyone else.

All aboard the pain train. Next stop: demolition junction!