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Part 24: The Gtab special update

Slappy Moose posted:

I'm kind of mad because the K98's damage is less than the Springfield... which is odd since it's bullet is way bigger.

Weapon damage in 7.62 is calculated from other parameters. The value displayed will actually change depending on what type of ammo is loaded.

The Gtab special update

Our heroes escape the ambush and proceed to the airfield.

The Palineran troops see them coming and rush into the jungle outside the base, but encounter a force they never reckoned with...

The Jolly Green Gunman.

Paquito wades into the underbrush to flush out survivors.

All their base are belong to us.

We can't leave the place undefended, but recruiting militia immediately isn't cheap. To bolster the garrison, we'll redeploy the troops from the army base.

Before they arrive, the airfield comes under attack from Palineran special forces.

Special in the sense of 'throwing grenades in the woods' special.

Ivanov takes them out literally by himself.

Tangward ho!

Apparently I'm playing 7.62: Clear Sky

Going in at night makes things much easier.

Rob Yu spots a rooftop guard and calls him long distance.

Kelly takes point and clears out the remainder.

These would have been handy two weeks ago.

Vomit break!

Toy break!