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Part 23: Stranger things

SpookyLizard posted:

Protips that I should've figured out a long time ago but just did now:

I didn't read the manual before playing either. vv

Slappy Moose posted:

I'm stockpiling 7.92x57 in hopes that I'll find some K98s or an MG34 at some point, because for some fucking reason there are Mosins everywhere but NO GODDAMN 7.62x54R WHAT THE FUCK. My weapons traders kinda suck right now too, I can't get any assault rifles or sniper rifles or nothin.

The MG34 comes up for sale fairly early, and you may find the Kar98k in the wild before anyone stocks it.

The thing with 7.62x54R is pretty messed up, but that's entirely BSM's fault. Mosins and '54R ball are ludicrously common in the vanilla game. It feels like cheating, but once you have a field radio you can order 7N1 and 7N14 ammo from Bobby Ray dirt cheap.

Stranger things

Now on sale at Blue Sun HQ:

Our fears are confirmed. Tang intends to start a war with Palinero.

But not with our bare hands, at least.

A hilltop outpost with some dudes chilling atop it. First we steal their loose loot.

The CheyTac system works as follows. The sniper sets up with the rifle:

The spotter sets up nearby, equips the binoculars and PDA, and does calculations:

This gives the sniper a temporary skill boost:

Unfortunately this system only works with the CheyTac rifle, which is objectively inferior to the M82. <>

The presence of a mayor NPC is incongruous, but that's how the game's conquest system works.

Through the mayor, you can manage the local militia, tax rate, etc. This can also be done through the field radio.

Now the location is ours, with its own defense troops. The militia will attempt to repel enemy forces which enter this sector. Their recruitment and upkeep is sponsored by your wealth plus taxes gathered from all territories you control. You can adjust the tax rate to boost the war effort, but raising it too high can lead to discontent and mutiny.

Even the militia comes with its own trader.

Back to Tang, whose reward is... a second field radio.

An airfield, you say?