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Part 22: The radio package update

DrPop posted:

Is there some other secret to offing Pedro Nunez than what you wrote here?

Not that I recall. Double check that there's really nobody around - any bystanders won't show up on the minimap unless you're looking towards them.

The radio package update

I don't normally use the BSM field radio, but what the hell.

You say distress call, I say duty call!

That'll be one Big MacG with a side of FALafel.

Hello, sailor.

Suddenly, bandits!



Moppin' the floor with my shiny shiny han-dle~

Oh shit, it is true!

New at the Boblings':

For you, crazy dude, anything.

The book is in the ruins outside El Vertigo.

Now it's slavers again.

Not such good pickings this time.

Back to the army base for medical support and new toys.

And whaddaya know, there's a package on the doorstep!