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999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

by Dragonatrix

Part 28: 2nd class cabin

[Music: Binary Game]

Alrighty, so let's begin the investigation. Right off the bat, there's two things in here that catch my eye. Let's take a look at 'em!

I wonder how much we could get for it.
Are you gonna steal it?!

Oh, right, and get used to seeing that blush portrait. For some reason it gets used a lot when we're in here.

something? It looks kind of like...a demon...with an elephant-like nose... Sucking on a human being's brain...
(Where the hell did that come from? What's her brain made of?!)
(Can't say I'd mind finding out a little more about what goes on in there...)

If we examine the only other thing on the initial screen, we pan around to the main part of the room.

There's not much here either, but I think we could do with a break after all that running. We're not in any real danger now either, so there's no reason not to.

...Other than a time limit before the whole ship sinks, I mean.

Jumpy, what are you doing?! We don't have the time to be relaxing on a sofa!

Let's give it another shot.

(It's a sofa. Maybe I shouldn't sit on it. June'll get mad again...)

And another.

(A sofa.)

Well, that seems like the end doesn't it? Let's look again. I've got a good feeling about this!

(Oh no, my mistake. It's a so-fa.)

...What, you thought we'd seen all of his terrible jokes already? Please. New rooms make for new opportunties.

Oh, and there's something on the table. Let's give it a look, I guess.

Hey, do you think we could burn down that door at the end of the hallway with these matches?


[Music: Silence]

Oh, yeah... How's your fever? You feeling better now?
Yes. I'm feeling fine.

June certainly looked fine. Junpei held his hand on her forehead for a few seconds...

It seemed her fever really had gone down.

Are you...worried about me?

[Music: Imaginary]

This affects about the next 3 lines of dialogue. Given the results of each, I'm pretty sure this one fits better.

Hey, c'mon, it's not like that.

Junpei did his best to act as though he didn't care. His best wasn't very good.

I guess you haven't changed at all, Jumpy.

She giggled.

By the way...Jumpy...?
How did you end up here?
What do you mean? I told you earlier, didn't I?

You inhaled some white smoke and passed out. When you woke up, you were on D Deck.
Yeah, that's it.
But is that really the truth?
Jumpy, are you hiding something from me?
No! Why would I!?
Well, if you think about it, this is awfully suspicious.

Hey, I could ask you the same thing!
Are you hiding something?
What would I hide...?

You mean, like...the number of men I've dated?

Junpei's heart stumbled over itself.

Do you want to know?

He had to admit, he was a little curious.

Don't worry.

She smiled at him.


...Times 0.
Yeah. I guess I just haven't met Mr. Right yet...

June looked a little embarrassed, and scratched the back of her head in a desperate attempt to seem nonchalant. Junpei coughed quietly in much the same way.

Anyway, I'm not hiding anything. Just like you, Jumpy. When I woke up, I was on D Deck.
Well, you do have a point.

June nodded, and for a few moments she had the faraway look of someone in deep thought.

"Look for what connects the victims. That will lead you to the culprit." Do you remember Seven saying something like that?
Yeah, I do. So?
Well, that's what I'm saying. I think this must all have something to do with a classmate of ours...
You got any ideas who it might be?
No, nothing...
Well, if it had something to do with school,

Or the janitor or the lunch lady?
No... I can barely remember any of them.
Yeah, I know.

[Music: Silence]

Junpei went back to searching feeling unpleasant and confused.

[Music: Binary Game]

If we head through the door just past the table that the matches were on, we end up in this room. There's quite a fair bit to check out here, so we'll start with this bottle on the left.

This is a bedroom. They probably have it here 'cause your throat always feels dry when you wake up, you know?
My throat's dry, but I think that's 'cause I'm a little nervous right now.
Well, we did run a lot, so we're kinda sweaty.

*giggle* Just kidding.
(Too late to take it back... My brain's already working out the picture.)
(My throat was dry already... This sure isn't helping.)

If/when we examine the bed, we can give it a bit more of an in-depth examination. There's 3 things here worth looking at, so let's start with the duvet, shall we?

(It's a light blue blanket with some designs on it. Someone's made the bed, or at least never un-made it. There's only bedsheets under the blanket. Nothing exciting.)

And yet again.

(A blanket.)

Much like before, this looks like the end of what you can get out of it, but there's a bit more to go.

Should we take another look at this blanket?

Next up, we can examine the bed itself to get a little bit out of that.

A bed frame. Now we don't have to worry about falling off.

(She's blushing again... What the hell is she thinking about?)

Lastly, of course, there's the pillows. I'm sure this one will be entirely normal!

Look, there's 2 pillows right next to each other. Guess it's a double.

(Oh man... Is her fever back?)
Hey, are you all right? Do you need to lay down for a minute?
I-I'm fine!

Hey, seriously...are you really okay?

...I'm aware we've seen him be rather competent in places, but Junpei is still a bit of an idiot. At least when it comes to certain things.

Anyway, you might have noticed one last thing in this room but we're leaving for now instead. Panning the camera around to get to the door gives us something new though!

Let's take a look at that dresser.

There's two things here worth examining, as usual, and they're both quite obvious. Let's start with the mirror.

This is the mirror for the dresser.

Hey. We don't have time for that. C'mon, it's not like there's anyone here you need to impress.
Yes there is.
What? Why are you so quiet all of a sudden?

...Really stupid at times.

The only other thing here worth looking at, it's the drawer. Let's see what's in it.

A key, huh? Should come in handy.

Well, considering it was unlocked already? I highly doubt it.

This seems more likely, though. Shame we don't know where one is right now.

Ah well, if we head back to where we started there's another room here you can barely see. The game tells you its there if you examine either the vase or the painting multiple times though.

Considering it's, well, a bathroom though... there's not a whole lot here. The only real thing of interest is the blue thing over on the left.

(There's a little blue platform protruding from the shower wall next to the knobs.)

I guess since we're looking for anything that might prove useful, let's check out the shower curtain. There could be something in it. Maybe.

Hm? Uh...well...maybe...?
You wanna try closing it?

okay never mind then

There's only one thing left in the entire room worth checking out, and it's back in the bedroom. Maybe you noticed it already.

If not, it's this. We need this before we can even think about doing anything else.

It looks like a map of the ship's interior.
Oh! This is a great find! I think it'll be really useful... Let's take it with us!

So, now, we've got our map for this floor back. We've seen all but one part of this floor now, conveniently enough.

[Music: Silence]

June looked up as he closed it.

This ship is bigger than I thought.
Yeah, it's probably about 900 feet long.
Must be one of those fancy cruise ships.
Course, it doesn't really look like a cruise ship. Everything in here is really retro. Even if it's some sorta style choice, there's just too much.
Do you remember what Zero said?

After remaining afloat for 2 hours and 40 minutes, it sank beneath the waters of the North Atlantic.

Do you think maybe this boat and the Titanic have something to do with each other?
Hmmm... That's a good point.
I doubt he would've mentioned it if there wasn't a reason...

Junpei took a moment to look around the room.

Do you think this boat is...

From what I've seen so far this is "clearly" the real thing. The size fits, the layout seems to match reasonably well (decks labelled alphabetically, with A at the top)...

No, really, think about it. We've suspected that this Zero guy is ridiculously rich, or works for a group that is, right? Well, considering the wreck of the Titanic is something that is still on the seabed... albeit at almost 3800m deep... it's not too big of a stretch to assume that someone with more money than sense would have it raised again. Then proceeded to fix up, to use for this twisted death trap. At some point during all this, Zero got a hold of it and is now using it for his own twisted death trap.

...It makes sense to me, okay? (please disregard the prison and torture chamber)

The actual Titanic?
The actual...Titanic?

Before the ship sunk on April 14, 1912...
Huh...? What the hell are you smoking?
Huh? Did I get it wrong?

Junpei grinned and shook his head.

No, no, that's not... I mean, come on... "Slipped through time"? Seriously...
I was talking about the controversy surrounding the Titanic.
Controversy? What do you mean?
Haven't you heard of it? It's pretty famous, you know. The Titanic has a sister ship that was essentially identical.

And with that, we've now heard about all three of the Olympic class ships created in the twentieth century! The HMHS Olympic was the predecessor to the Titanic and Gigantic; it was the first Olympic class ship in the world (with the Titanic and Gigantic being the only other two ever created), and was the class' namesake as well. This is more relevant than it sounds, because...

Oh! Yes, I have heard of that! If I remember correctly, the Olympic was a ship that had a lot of problems. And the company that owned it didn't know how to get rid of it, right? So they made the Olympic up to look just like the brand-new Titanic.

This is a real theory. It was first devised by a man named Robin Gardiner who wrote a book about it titled "Titanic: The Ship That Never Sank?". Personally, I haven't read his book so I don't know his logic in its entirety. I've read a bit about it, but the game explains it about as well as I could. I also don't believe it at all, because it strikes me as more than a little nuts.

...Of course, it hasn't been officially disproven either but it matters in approximately zero ways at this point.

That's right. They also took out a huge insurance policy on it, before it set sail.
That would mean that the real Titanic never sank.
Yeah. The ships got swapped.

for more than 20 years.
Hey... wait a minute. Wouldn't that mean it retired in 1935?
Huh? Well yeah, I guess sometime around then, yeah.
Well...what happened to it after that?
I heard it was dismantled.
Dismantled... Then it doesn't matter, does it? Whichever boat the real Titanic was, it doesn't exist any more...

But then that would mean that this ship is--
Wait! What did you just say!?
Sank in the Atlantic because of what?
What do you mean?

June/Akane portraits concept art.