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Part 29: 2nd class cabin 2

...Which was stolen from a pyramid.

If I may interrupt for just one moment, this is an actual theory people did at one point hold for why the Titanic sunk.

[Music: Riddle and Puzzle]

Everyone involved with it died mysterious deaths. Come on, I'm sure you've heard of it before...

Allegedly, in 1890, four Englishmen were visiting the city of Luxor, Egypt. Luxor is where the ancient city Thebes used to reside, and is considered as the "world's greatest open air museum." Whilst there, they bought what they believed to be a mummy. This mummy is, like June said, of a Priestess of Amon-Ra who's casing dates back to approximately the 21st Dynasty of Ancient Egypt (sometime between 1077 and 943 BC). Due to being associated with bringing misfortune and causing death and other large scale disasters, it has earned the nickname of "The Unlucky Mummy."

Haven't you ever heard that one?
So you're saying the Titanic sunk because of that curse...?
That's right!

June's eyes had lit up with excitement, like a child with a new toy.

Whilst the Titanic was in the midst of its journey, an English journalist named William Thomas Stead was on board the ship. In the late 19th century, Stead became very interested in spiritualism and in 1893 started a quarterly magazine called "Borderland" which ran for four years. Whilst on the ship, he told a short story to seven over men which - coincidentally - took place on April 12th. His tale was about an Egyptian mummy and a curse that would be bestowed upon whoever verbally recites the inscription on its sarcophagos case. This curse would end with the violent death of anyone afflicted with it.

It's true!
How can you be so sure?
That mummy wasn't just a normal mummy.
It was really mysterious...totally unbelievable...
What is so unbelievable about it?

The theory tying these two together goes that as no museum in England was willing to accept the mummy, an American archaeologists purchased it and it was shipped on a White Star vessel. That ship, of course, is the RMS Titanic. Once the ship crashed and was sinking, Stead gave his life jacket to another passenger and helped several women and children board the lifeboats. Unfortunately, Stead died that night along with over 1500 people... taking the mummy with them.

Well, supposedly, she was really pretty.
But...she was a mummy.
That's right. She wasn't all shriveled up or rotten or anything.

Now, remember: Stead made his story up with the intent of spooking the other passengers. It was but a simple joke in his mind, though it was potentially based in reality in some ways. Also bear in mind that the "Unlucky Mummy" currently resides in room 62 of the British Museum in London (or at least it did when I last checked). It's also very easy to find the Titanic's cargo manifest to see if such a thing was possible in the first place, if you're curious.

Well, that's the reality of the situation anyway. Roughly none of that will be reflected in the rest of June's story (and this is very much a Good Thing).

Ohhh. I get it. It's that thing... I don't remember the name... Where your body turns into some kind of wax? If a dead body is put in the right sort of environment the fat in it turns into something kinda like candle wax, right? And--

Well, okay this thing is real. It's a process where, in some cases, after death a body can produce something called adipocere. But!

That's not it. She wasn't wax.
Then what is it?

What...? Frozen?
That's right. The whole body was frozen solid. You know how a human body is more than 60 percent water? Well, all of that water was frozen. The story says that from the time of its discovery, all the way through to when it got put on the Titanic. And even though it was carried through the desert...

[Music: Silence]

June and Junpei talked a little more, and then went back to their investigation.

But even as they did, his mind went back to what she'd told him.

No, even if it did, it wouldn't really be "ice" anymore, would it?

The more he thought about it, the more his head hurt. Like he'd eaten his ice cream too fast...

[Music: Binary Game]

Before moving on to do more things, there is one last little bit I skipped by accident earlier.

It's nothing much, but it is in the bathroom.

Shower curtains, huh...
Let's try closing it.

There's nothing...
...suspicious. It's just a normal old shower curtain.
(A narrow shower...)


Time to open the curtain!

Y'know, thinking on it now there is one last little thing. Let's head back to the bedroom for a minute.

And let's examine this one light.

It's light.

That's light!

...Yeah, okay.

I think that our best choice now would be...

To leave June all on her own while we go see what Santa and Lotus are up to.

Um, I was thinking of going over to Lotus's room.
What do you mean "why"? I'm just gonna go check up on them. Is there something wrong with that?
Well, no... Come back soon!
Sure thing. I'll leave the rest to you.
Sure. Leave it to me.
(All right, off to the other room...)

This room looks very familiar at the moment, though there is one thing that seems a bit off. I wonder what that's about.

I think I saw a tile like that somewhere else...
It's glued in there quite well. I don't think you can take it out.

I guess we've finally found something to do. We might as well work on this, and our first destination is very close by: this room's lavatory.

It's gotta be hidden in the showerhead!

Um...that's a shower head.

Sadly, the soap dish here doesn't give us anything interesting so let's just le-

wait, hang on.

This room?
Well, um...
There were shower curtains... In the bathroom that June was checking out.
But you're saying this bathroom doesn't have any.
Yeah, that's right.
Hmm... There's probably a reason why.

The toilet here is depressingly useless, but I'm not convinced about the actual rolls.

Some toilet paper. We've got 2 rolls, I guess.

More specifically, a second look is warranted.

Nothing else here, so let's head to the middle of the room.

The couch here should prove to be somewhat useful.

I know. It's a shame I can't take it back with me.

Oh, it's nothing. Don't worry about it.

Doesn't appear to be anything useful here, after all. Might as well check out the bedroom here as well.

Aren't there any lights?

(Sweet, I could use some light--)
(Shoot. No dice.)
You think the bulbs're burned out?

I don't really give a crap why it doesn't work. It doesn't work, and we can't do shit about it. It's way too dark in here to see anything.
We're going to need some light.

I dunno, I think we can find stuff here without worrying about something so unimportant as "seeing." We've seen the exact same area in June's room already, after all. This room is basically a mirror image of hers after all. I'm sure Junpei would've noticed that already.

Let's start with the bed, since it's right there.

Nothing else over here that we can examine that's worth worrying over right now. So, let's just leave.

And by "leave," I mean "examine everything in this part of the room now."

I'm feeling a little tired. I think I'll just sit down here for a minute. Aaaaaaahhh.
Heh. You sound like an old lady.

I think Santa should be a bit more careful, otherwise he's gonna get seriously hurt.

For the time being, though, we'll worry less about that and more about... this light?

Kinda hard to tell in the dark... Hmm, I wonder if this is what they call "irony".

Talk about a Catch-22.

Well, that was enlightening. Let's check out the dresser next; that should prove useful.

The actual dresser itself is uninteresting. I'm just after the mirror.

Damn straight. Nothin' weird about it, though.

Well, I need the mirror more than the once.

Crazy old bat...

Did you say something!?
Nope, nothing.

And, hell, once more for good luck.

(The mirror on the dresser. It doesn't)

There's only one more thing in here we can check right now:

...Yeah, no surprises there. There's probably something useful in it, at least.

I guess we'll come back later when we can see.

Maybe we'll get lucky and find something else that can light this place up...

Back in the pseudo-living room, there's another discrepency. This cabinet in June's room was notably empty, but here it's packed with stuff. That warrants investigating, I reckon.

You wanna take a look?

There's not really much here, but there is this thing. I'm sure we've seen it before...

I think I've seen it somewhere.
Yeah, I know. Kinda looks like the one we saw in the other room.

I'm sure by "other room," he means "by the entrance."

In which case, let's open the display cabinet and nab it for ourselves.

All right, you grab that side of the table,

I don't think that's going to work. That looks like tempered glass. I don't think throwing a table at it is going to break it.

Shame too, because that's a vaguely clever idea.

Might as well try opening it by actually using the handle, though. Maybe Santa was just being a bit silly.

It's locked?
Yeah, looks that way.
Then we need to find the key that opens it.

We've seen everything we can at the moment, so there's only one thing to do:


Then maybe that means...

Maybe that means...?

They won't be enough to set fire to anything very big.
How about that door at the end of the hallway?

Well, maybe there's a way...

U-Um... No.

All right, let's start to make some real progress.

The obvious candle on this table should help with that.

That's a pretty big candle. If we light it, it'll probably get really bright.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Let's go do that.

...What? We don't have to be in this room for it to work!

Well, I can't just leave June there by herself.
Hmph. What, you think you're her knight or her protector or something?

Whatever, man. I'm going.

And, hell, while we're in our inventory let's do one more thing.

It's a pretty big one. If we light it, it should burn really bright.

It's quite obvious now what we need to do with this, but we're here for a reason.


I don't think June's going to be willing to talk to us after that one, so let's go back to the other room for now.

A bizarre reference out of the way, let's go back into the dark room.

You lit that candle so we could check that room over there, right? I mean, it is dark, you know.
Uh...y-yeah...? So?

otherwise there's not really much point to lighting it.

This is incredibly arbitrary, and one of the few things about this room that irrationally bug me.

It's implied that whenever an item isn't in the bottom left corner here, it's in Junpei's pocket or otherwise being held elsewhere. This works for... everything we've seen. Except the candle. He's both holding it and yet not holding it at the same time.

I put more thought into this one item than I probably ever should, yes.

Awesome. With the light from the candle, maybe we can take a look around over there. gets so hot when I hold it. I wanna put it down.
Well, why don't you set it on top of the dresser?

Oh, yeah... Good idea.

Now we can look around a little.

We can, but we might as well start by looking at the one thing that's actually new.

Its beauty melts my heart, but... this isn't the time to be enjoying the soft glow of a candle, I suppose. We'd better make a detailed investigation of the room before it goes out.

Thanks to the amazing power of this candle, we can see an awful lot of the room now. Including the light that we need light to see.

Hard to tell if it's burned out or not. Course, now that we have the candle I guess it doesn't really matter that much any more.

Actually, forget this I'm bored of this room already. Let's leave, and let Santa and Lotus deal with it.

I'm gonna go check out the next room...
This candle is burning pretty damn fast. We don't have any time to waste, guys. This thing's gonna burn out in no time.
Then we should look around this room now, before the candle goes out. We can examine the rest of the room later.

(If that candle burns out, we won't be able to look around this room any more. I better make sure I get a good look at this place before I'm out of time.)

(I need to go over this place with a fine-tooth comb before that damn candle burns out.)

The candle isn't quite conveniently good enough to light up absolutely everything in the room. It lights up enough to show us everything we need to care about though.

That being this bedside desk.

Oh, it's a cupboard. Oops.

...Are you all right?
Oh, don't gimme that! C'mon! A cupboard in a bedroom can only mean there's a safe in here!

Got me all worked up for nuthin'...

We're much more interested in the bed, though.

Much like in the previous room, this just gives us a new screen where we examine new things.


Is that supposed to be some kinda joke?!
H-Hey, calm down...

...Yeah, I don't get it either Santa. Don't worry about it.

Instead, let's worry about that thing in the middle of the bed.

Well, it's got all these metal rings, probably so you could hang it from something, you know?
Yes, but it doesn't look like a normal curtain. The way it feels... I think it's probably waterproof. Which would make this a shower curtain.
A shower curtain, huh...

It's a folded-up shower curtain. Damn, that thing's big, if you open it up.

Oh you're right. Think maybe it was a peeping tom?
(I'll bet Lotus would sure make the perv hurt.)

That's tom much.

With the shower curtain out of the way, we can examine the bed itself now. Let's give that a shot.

(Nope. Nothing suspicious here.)

(Anything under the blanket...?)

(Ah, I'm just messin' with ya. There's nothing there.)

(Anything under the blanket...?)

Welp, there's nothing here. Let's head on to our next point in the ro-

Maybe the candle got blown out? We should go see.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

Hey... What's this...
The top of the candlestick looks kinda weird...
You're right... It's all bumpy.

A key, huh. I think I ran into a lock I couldn't open earlier...

Yeah, so did I.

In the other room. Where there were no locks at all.

Psssh. No, that's not what this is.

Uh huh. You just keep telling yourself that. Now get out of here and go help June.

And by "help" she means see what June has to say about our new inventory items, of course.

I wonder if you might be able to use it somewhere. I don't see any keyholes around here that would fit it, though.

There are some metal rings along this edge, probably so you can hang it off a pole with some hooks on it.
This thing's pretty big...
Huh? Hey... Look, Jumpy. There's hole in the curtain, like a bug chewed through it or something.

That done, we can head back to the dark room and open that vanity's drawer at last. Fortunately, we don't need the light from the candle to do this; that's just to find and get the shower curtain.

We'll be using that shortly too, don't worry.

Yes! It worked!

Hey, looks like we've finally got our first one of these.

It doesn't look like there are any puzzles in it...

I dunno where there'd be a puzzle in a single tile, but there y'go.

Let's head back to the shower in this room now, and hang up that curtain.

Let's put that shower curtain on those hooks.

Of course, just putting it on the rod doesn't help that much on its own.

Somebody's really dedicated.
Well, with a hole this big, you gotta wonder if maybe they wanted to be caught.

"Home invasion"? Interesting... I see...


It's certainly possible. Doubtful, but possible. Let's just see what we get from standing outside the shower before closing it.

...What? It could be useful!

(If I look at it from a ways back I can see a single tile. All right, from here I can see what tile it is. Looks like it's...)

Huh, let's move that curtain out of the way and see what use a bathroom tile could possibly have.

It's somewhere around here, at least.

(All right, looking through this hole, I can see a white tile, [5th from the top and 3rd from the right]. Let's have a closer look, shall we? ...Hm. Nothing strange here...)

Hmm... Well, then that means...

(A tiled wall. They are ordinary, everyday tiles.)
(Then that means...what?)

(A tiled wall. They are ordinary, everyday tiles.)
(Oh yeah...there's another bathroom...)

(A tiled wall. They are ordinary, everyday tiles. Maybe there's something in the bathroom June's in.)

That's certainly an idea.

Let's go take a look, then.

2nd Class Cabin official art.