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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 1

It was a dark and stormy night...

A group of men finish climbing the tower

Man in helmet(Core): And he's not gonna be able to - cuz Core and Manta are on the job!

The men hide behind the large box.

A small security droid exits the doorway and looks around before going back inside

Man with red hair(Manta): That means we shouldn't have to deal with the security system - he must have deactivated everything on his way up.

Core: Awwwwww... that's no fun.

Manta: Core, we're not here to fight drones. We're here to prevent a disaster.

Man with blonde hair: Remember, my alias for this operation is "Kersh." We should have the element of surprise.

Manta: Won't he recognize you anyway, Boss?

Core: But... what about your wife?

Manta: CORE!!

Kersh: No, he won't recognize me. Let's go.

And we're finally given control of the characters. Let's try to head back the way we came in.

Core: Sure, Boss. No problem! I, uh... don't know what I was thinking...

Let's just head inside then.

Inside we see a drone that keeps bumping itself into a wall.

Core: And without that, it's really stupid. There's a moral in there somewhere, but I don't like it so I'm not going to mention it again.

Kersh: Good. We're wasting time.

Then the drone starts spinning in circles. Wheee!

The group continues down the hall until they come across a terminal.

Core: This must be how he deactivated all the security drones, right?

Manta: Yeah.

Manta moves up to the terminal.

Kersh: Every second we waste with that machine gives our adversery more time to sever the Link.

Manta continues working

Core: Manta, he's right. Thousands of workers in the Catch Colony could be -

Manta: Got it! I'm in.

Core: I thought we knew that.

Kersh: We did. This is a waste of time.

Manta: What we didn't know is that there's a cargo lift that can take us straight up to the Emitter Room - where the Link is projected!

Manta moves back towards the group.

Manta: You're welcome.

Kersh: Core. This way. We have an elevator to catch.

Manta: ... ... ...

the group finds another drone

Kersh: This one isn't deactivated.

Core: Get ready everyone!

I'd go into detail about the fight, but...

This is the only fight in the introduction, and he died before he even got a single attack off.

Core: Yeah! Take that!

Kersh: ... ... ...

Further down the hall...

Kersh: He must have triggered the alarms after he came through. Manta, handle it.

Manta: Leave it to me, Boss.

Manta starts working on the terminal and the door opens.

When the group enters the door, the station begins to shake.

At the end of the hall is a dead end.

Kersh: Core - get us through this door.

Core: No sweat, Boss! You want a door removed, I'm your MAN!

Core walks up to the door.

Core: ... ... ... Ok... Let's go get him!

Core: I told you I was good!

Kersh: Stop wasting time. The elevator is this way.

The group enters the elevator.

Kersh: ... ... ...

Core: I mean, we've got my strength, and Manta's brains, but...

Core: What will REALLY happen if he releases the Link?

Manta: The Link keeps the Catch Colony fastened to earth. The Catch Colony captures and refines the energy of the cosmos into a form utilized by everything on the planet. Thousands of workers live in the Colony, operating and maintaining it. If the Link were to go...

Core: Not only would all those lives be lost, but so would our primary energy source!

The elevator comes to a stop.

Kersh: Get ready. This could get very unpleasant, very quickly.

Halfway down the hallway, the station begins shaking again.

Kersh: There goes another connection.

Manta: The Link is almost unfastened!

Core: C'mon! we have to move!

The group enters the door at the end of the hall.

And find the man they were after.

The Black Haired Man jumps at the sound of Kersh's voice.

Kersh: Step away from the Linkage mechanism. Those people don't have to die today.

Black Haired Man: You don't care about the colonists any more than... than I do!

The group slowly advances on the Black Haired Man.

The man turns back around and unfastens another Link!

Core: I'm here, Manta... What's the plan?

Another Link is released.

Kersh: Thousands of lives, my friend...

The seventh Link is released

Black haired Man: I'm not your "friend"!

Kersh: I don't think you have it in you. You won't kill those people.

Manta attempts to stop the Black Haired Man, but is knocked away in an instant!

The Black Haired Man knocks Core away just as easily as he did Manta.

And then he unfastens the final Link.

The station starts to self destruct!

The Black Haired man then jumps into the water to escape!

Core: He's getting away!

Manta: Core...?

Cue Flashback

Manta: *Sigh* Hello? Is there anyone home?

Manta: Good morning, Ma'am. My name is Manta, and -

Woman: You're with the Agency, aren't you?

Manta: Yes, Ma'am

Woman: My son is out back.

The woman goes back inside.


Core: I know. I've been waiting for you.

Manta: But I haven't even told you why you need to come with me!

A brief pause.

Core: I used to live in one of the big cities on Circuit Reef. We were happy. There was a school, and kids my age. It was nice.

Core: When I turned sixteen, I realized I could sometimes hear the thoughts of others. But it's not a great a gift as it seems - the city was too full of people. As I grew older, the noise inside my head became unbearable. We had to move out here to the country.

Core: But sometimes... I miss the city. I miss the excitement. Sometimes I want to go back.

Core: I know. You're a telepath, too. I can tell.

Manta: It's nothing to be ashamed of, Core.

Core sighs.

Core: So, what's this mission you have for me?


Core: So, who's this guy we're supposed to meet?

Manta: I don't know his real name. To be safe, I just call him "Boss."

Core: So it's personal.

Manta: Yeah... here he comes.

The blond man enters, stage right.

Blond man: But enough dallying. We have work to do.

He enters the building.

Core: Is this guy for real?

Manta: He's the Boss.

The other two enter the building, and the flashback ends.

The Station is constantly shaking and flashing. it's about to be destroyed.

Manta: Core, c'mon, wake up!

Manta: ... ... ... Don't think about that right now, Core. We've just got to get you out of here!

Manta attempts to drag Core out to safety.

Manta: No! I promised your mother -

Core: You promised my mom you'd keep an eye on me... which you have.

Manta: I'm not leaving you here!

Core: Manta, I think I'm good for one more Fury Punch, but I'd... rather not use it on you. Just... go. Follow the Boss. And make our target pay for releasing the Link!

Manta: I... I will.

Core: Thank you, Manta. And maybe... after all this, you'll be able to tell me the answer to the question none of my abilities... can.

Manta: ???

Manta: Core, I... I'll ask him for you.

Core: Thank you, Manta. Now get out of here.

Manta begins to leave, takes one last look at Core... and then is gone.