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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 2

Talan gets up from the bed.

Talan: I feel like I've been sleeping for hours. I wonder what time it is?

He walks over to the computer.

Talan: I've only got ten minutes to get to work!

We're now on a countdown to get to our destination, but we still have enough time to look around his house.

We're given a choice on whether we want to use it or not. I go ahead and use it, because why not?

Talan: Mmmmm... refreshing! Now I'm all clean and well-shaven... but I still need to get to work!

If we try to go back to bed...

Anyway, let's finally leave.

Talan: ...but the Hover-Trams don't always run on time, and I might get stuck waiting for one.

Talan: ...but that's four sectors of walking! Well, this decision won't get any easier. I've got to make up my mind and go!


We're now given a rather important choice that determines who we get as a second party member, although they won't show up for a while.

Do we:
1. Use the Hover-Trams?
2. Hoof it to work?

voting will end on Tuesday, 12:00PM EST