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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 3

I didn't mention it before, but the blue glowing thing outside of Talan's house is a save point.

Anyway, since we're walking to work, we go left.

Talan: Wait, you don't understand. I need to get to Sector 30 - I'm late for work!

Officer: Sorry, but rules are rules.

Talan: Uh oh.

Guess we're taking the scenic route.

The doors are all locked, save for a weapon and armor shop. We're short on money, however, so it's best to save our cash for now.

Talan: Is this the right way to the detour?

Mechanic: Uh... yeah, but it looks like you're outta luck. My crew isn't here yet, so I can't move these vehicles.

Talan: I'm in a rush! How can I get through?

Mechanic: Well, if you head up past the garage, you might be able to make it to Sector 33. But it's not a very good part of town. What is, though, am I right?

Talan: Ha. Ha.

We head up past the Garage, and go right.

Talan: Oh boy.

Gang Member: You're not a Neon Viper! Get out of here!

Talan: Sorry...

Fuck it, let's go to the pub.

Talan: No, thanks. I'm sort of in a hurry.

Waitress: Yup, sure you are. That's why you're standing in the Last Call Pub this early in the morning, right?

Talan: Actually, I'm not sure why I came here. I'm supposed to be going to work.

Waitress: Well, I have drunkards *ahem* I mean customers to wait on. Good luck getting to work!

Talan: Thanks, it looks like I'll need it.

The Bar patron turns around

Bar Patron: What are you lookin' at?

Talan: Nothing, nothing!

Bar Patron: All right... Now... what was I sayin'...? *chugs drink*

Talan: Drinking?

Bar Patron: Eh... oh yeah! That was it! Thanks, Mister!

Talan: Why can't you?

Bar Patron: I drive one of the Hover-Trams. I called in sick to work today so I could come here.

Talan: Oh... are the Trams running on schedule?

Bar Patron: Are you kidding me? On schedule? That's a laugh!

Talan: That's what I thought.

Perhaps it was for the best that we decided to walk to work instead of using the Trams...

Anyway, let's head left instead of right this time.

Talan: This is just going from bad to worse!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained... we keep moving.

Gang Member: You can't come through here. This sector belongs to the Lazer Teeth!

Gang Member: You have been warned. Come through here again and we'll defend our turf.

Talan leaves.

Nah, we can totally take them.


Gang Member: It's not to late to surrender!

It's impossible to win this fight. Talan's bare-handed and their attacks do around a tenth of our life (We have 40 HP). Not to mention that we're outnumbered.

Gang Member: Give up! You can never beat the Lazer Teeth!

Talan: I'm getting whipped! Maybe I should get out of here...

Never retreat! Never surrender!

Oh. whoops.

Gang Member: Grab him! We've got ourselves a prisoner! Probably here to steal the Idol.

Talan: Idol? What Idol?

Gang Member: Ha! Don't play dumb with us!

Talan: ... ... ...


Talan: Too bad there's a guard beyond that door - I doubt I could make a run for it. *sigh*

Time for some Tactical Espionage Action. If we ever walk onto any of the lightened squares...

...We get caught...

Talan: If only there was a way I could avoid the light...

And then we start right back to where we are. If we check out the grate near the beds...


Talan: I won't be able to talk to anyone or examine anything while I am carrying these stones. I'll have to be careful about pressing the OK button... I wouldn't want to throw one of these by accident...

Now we can throw rocks to break some of these lights!

Next we throw one at this computer.

Gang Member: What was that noise? I'd better check it out...

The Guard watching the cell will walk over to the computer and stand in front of it. If you aren't hiding in your cell, he'll find you and you'll waste another minute.

Then we use our last rock to take out this light. You can also use the rock to hit the guard, but that'll just get you caught. It's pretty funny to do it anyway, though.

Walk up here, and this guard will go fetch a battery.

Leaving this unprotected.

Talan: Someone has scribbled "Lazer Teeth Are Number One!!!" on it with red paint. Well, prisoners can't be choosy, I guess. I'll just take this thing and get out of here.

Talan got the IDOL OF THE STREETS!!

Of course, the minute we grab the thing, the guard comes back down the stairs.

Talan: I think that's my cue to leave!

cue the exciting chase scene!

Talan: Man, but this is an ugly thing. I wonder how much it's worth? I can't just hold onto this thing. I've got to ditch it somewhere.

Let's go back to the other gang we ran into. They might be interested in this little trinket.

Talan: Oh... you mean this ugly thing?

Gang Member: *gasp* Ugly? That's the Idol of the Streets! We haven't been able to get it back!

Talan: I take it this is worth something to you?

Gang Member: You've gotta come with me - I don't believe this! Some random guy just waltzes in...

Talan: What do you mean, random?


Gang Member: Is there anything at all we can do to repay you for giving us the Idol?

Talan: Wait... "giving" you the Idol? I thought maybe -

Gang Member: *arches eyebrow* Anything at all.

Talan: Well... I sort of need to get to work, but all the routes are pretty much inaccessible.

Gang Member: Very well! We will do this small task for you. From now on, consider yourself a friend of the Neon Vipers!

Gang Member: Let's move on out! We have to get a fellow Viper to his destination!

Talan: Well, OK - can we go?

Gang Member: move out!


Lookout: Not yet, man. I'm surprised the Vipers haven't come back to gloat about getting the Idol.

Member: They'll be here. Keep your eyes peeled.

The Member goes back inside.

Lookout: ... ... ... *mocking voice* "Keep your eyes peeled!" I don't see you up here, man... How'd I ever get stuck with lookout duty? Just because the prisoner escaped on my watch... This sucks.

Lookout: I gotta get something to eat. The Vipers aren't gonna show up anyway.

The Lookout goes inside.

Talan attempts to sneak by.

Well crap.

The lookout turns around and shouts into the building, while Talan takes the opportunity to sneak past.

Lookout: Did somebody leave a barrel out here in front of the hideout? No?

He turns back around and notices that the barrel isn't where it was last he checked.

Lookout: Huh?

He walks over to the Barrel.

Oh dear.

Talan: Blast! Now what?

Neon Vipers: Run for it, Talan!

Talan starts running as fast as he can!

Lookout: The Vipers are here! HELP!!

As Talon runs, the Vipers and Lazer Teeth start fighting.

Talan manages to get away just fine.

And finally reaches his destination.