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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 4

Dessen: What do you mean "how's it going?" Aren't you excited at ALL?

Talan: Excited? About what?

Dessen: The Director's visit! The Director of the Agency is here! He's giving a speech!

Talan: I totally forgot.

Dessen: What?! How could you forget? He's the single most powerful man in the known world. No! The universe! And he's here! I wonder what he's going to say?

Talan: I wonder.

Dessen: How can you be so relaxed? I just don't get you, Talan.

Dessen goes back to his workplace.

Stop breaking the fourth wall!

Since we made it here within the time limit, we get to walk around and grab a couple of things, as well as talk to some of the NPCs standing around.

Talan: I hope he's got good news.

Dessen: I'm... sure it is. Why? Do you know something?

Talan: No, but... why would the Director of the Agency come here?

Dessen: ... ... ...

Talan: Don't worry about it, Dess. I'm sure he's got good news.

Dessen: I hope you're right, Talan.

Talan: How's the other set doing?

Worker: Well... ANOTHER reason for running only one set is that the other one is still busted. We don't want the Director seeing a set of broken pumps, now do we?

Talan: No way!

Worker: We won't even tell him that a certain "Talan" was responsible for them breaking in the first place...

Talan: Uh... yeah... carry on! *nervous laugh*

Talan: Not while everyone's looking, anyway.

Talan: Yeah... I wonder...

Talan: Pretty snazzbanger, all right.

Worker: You bet! I hope these speeches are short...

Ah, now here is why you want to come here before the time limit runs out.

The Wrench is the best weapon we'll have for a while. If we got here late, we would've missed out on this.

Talan: Uh, yes. I believe I have a paycheck I need to pick up.

Clerk: Name?

Talan: Talan.

Clerk: Class and status?

Talan: Worker Division C, Delcentric employee. I'm not sure of my status.

Talan: What!?

Clerk: I don't make this stuff up. That's what the computer says. Here's your paycheck.

300 credits were deposited into Talan's account.

Clerk: Have a nice day.

Talan: What are you going to do?

Worker: I don't know. Probably stay at home and watch vidcasts.

Talan: Yeah, the Agency Guards are good, that's for sure.

Worker: They have to go through years of intense training - I heard a lot of people don't survive it!

Talan: That's apt... a lot of people don't survive the Agency Guards themselves, either.

Worker: Good one, Talan! Hehehehehee!

Talan: Yeah, it's been on the fritz for the last week.

Worker: Maybe the Director is going to tell us the Agency wants to buy us better equipment!

Talan: Maybe. He's probably here for more important matters, though.

Worker: What's more important than my cold Gazzerbean Goulash?!

Talan: That's a good question.

Talan: Who's planning on buying it?

Worker: I dunno. It's just a rumor, anyway. It'll probably never happen.

The final item we can get is a cold sandwich. rather underwhelming, but hey, free healing item.

Now that we've done all that we can here, let's continue.

Talan: Oh, right. Here you go.

Agency Guard: Everything checks out. You may enter.

Dessen: I dunno - I just did. Quiet, it's about to start!

The Auditorium's lights slowly fill the room.

Voice: The Director of the Agency!

The old man in front turns around to face the audience.

Director: Delcentric is one of the most valuable subsidiary corporations in the world today, and we owe it all to you. Without your hard work and dedication, the energy we obtain from the Catch Colony would be useless! You deserve congratulations, and that is one of the reasons I am here today.

Talan whispers to Dessen

Talan: See - good news so far!

Dessen: Sshhh

Director: From this day forth, all Delcentric Employees will have permission to stay at Agency Houses.

The audience gives a round of applause.

Director: As I am sure you all know, Agency Houses are luxurious abodes that were previously only for the wealthy. But now - they are open to you, the valuable workers of Delcentric Factory #2072, Lashe City.

Another round of applause.

Director: Our natural resources had been depleted. Something needed to be done. My Granddad, I am proud to say, was part of the solution. He and a team of scientists began an epic project. Since our reservoirs of natural gas and crude oil had been used up, we would need a new form of power. For that power, we turned to the heavens.

Talan turns to whisper to Dessen again.

Talan: We know all this already

Dessen: Quiet, Talan!

Director: and relay it down to earth where it could be converted into the power needed to run our society. The thousands of men and women who lived on the Catch Colony deserve our utmost thanks... but so do you. Without Delcentric and it's fellow companies, their sacrifices would be in vain. My Granddad's vision has come to pass. And I, as leader of the Agency, supreme governing body of our society, will continue to make the RIGHT decisions, for you and your families.

After his speech, there is one last round of applause and he turns around, but then turns to face the audience again.

Talan passes out.

Voice of Director: Is he all right?

Voice of Dessen: I think he's fainted! But he should be OK...

Voice of Director: Oh my...


Talan eventually wakes up.

Dessen: Talan, you're awake!

Talan: Ugh... I had a terrible dream - the Director asked to speak to me, and then my life turned crappy.

Dessen: Uh... Talan...

Talan: Sir, I didn't mean -

Director: Don't worry about it. That statement may be truer than you know.

Talan: *gulp*

Director: Dessen, you have been a great help. Tell the guards on your way out that I will only be a few more minutes.

Dessen: Yes, Sir.

Talan: Shut up, Dess.

Dessen leaves

Talan: Where is the boss?

Director: He has graciously allowed me use of his private office for the purposes of this interview. Quite nice of him really. Of course, most people are so intimidated by my status that - well, it doesn't matter.

Director: There's a nice view of the city from up here. Does your boss ever let you in here to enjoy it?

Talan: Uh... no, Sir. If you don't mind me asking -

Director: Go right ahead.

Talan: Sir... why did you ask to speak with me?

The Director walks over to the bookshelf.

He turns around

Director: What did you think of my speech?

Talan: It was good, Sir. Very inspirational.

Talan: What?

Director: But there's more to the history of the Shortage and the construction of the Catch Colony than you know.

Talan: Sir...

The Director walks up to Talan

Director: The time has come for the truth. You will be my champion in this race.

Talan: Sir, I don't understand.

The Director pats Talan on the shoulder.

He then walks down to the door.

Director: I want you to win that race for me, Talan. The race for the truth.

Talan: Sir, I -

Director: My time is almost up. I hope I have given you enough of a head-start, but...

He turns around to face Talan.

Director: Good luck, Talan. And goodbye.

Talan: Sir?

The Director walks up to the window.

In an instant, three things happen.

The crack of a gunshot.

The shattering of glass.

And the Director of the Agency lies dead at Talan's feet.

Suddenly, someone starts banging on the door.

Talan: And I'm in a world of trouble!

Agency Guard: I heard a gunshot. Let's get in there!

Agency Guard: The door is locked!

Talan: I've got to get out of here!

Talan checks the Director's body one more time

Talan: Sir, c'mon wake up! Please wake up!

Talan: It's no use. He's dead.

We check the locked door.

Talan: I mean it!

We check the bookshelf.

It seems we only have one choice.

Talan: I guess this is the only way. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the assassin not be looking!

Talan jumps out the window.