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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 6

Talan: Nothing... I guess. I just felt cold, for a second. It's gone now.

Arden: All right. We should keep moving.

We head into the building.

It's an item shop, and I buy a few more Cold Sandwiches and a Pungent Elixer.

A new enemy, the Decaying Shambler. Somewhat strong, but nothing to worry about.

I take this opportunity to show off Arden's Gambling ability.

Wow, you usually only get about 20 or so credits from it, so this came as a pleasant surprise. It's also possible to lose credits from Gambling, but such is life.

I bought a few more sandwiches and kept moving.

Talan: Let's see, what have I got that needs repairing?

This guy will fix up our Bent Iron Plating and repair the Flak vest, giving us a much needed defense boost.

We can also try to repair our broken bottle, but he'll just say it's more useful as a weapon this way.

Now that Talan's equipment is a little better, Let's move on.

I go back to the store and buy a few more sandwiches and another elixer before continuing down the alley.

Suddenly, a few transports appear in the sky!

Talan tries to escape, but to no avail.

Talan and Arden run into the building.

There are a few goodies we can loot in the place. There are also a few random encounters, but nothing worth mentioning.

Another useless staff weapon.

A nice armor and weapon upgrade for Arden.

The building thoroughly looted, we head upstairs.

One of the transports lands on the roof!

Arden: That sounds like a Hover-Tram!

Talan: It's landing on the roof - we're surrounded!

Arden: We'd better do it. But don't worry - I've got plenty of knives concealed in interesting places to keep them busy.

Talan: Somehow, Arden, that doesn't make me feel better.

Talan: ... ... ...

Agency Captain: Give up now, and save yourselves a great deal of unpleasantness.

Arden: Remember what I told you, Talan?

Talan: I remember.

The Agency Captain walks towards Talan.

The Agency Captain begins to glow a faint blue!

Talan: What are you doing to her?

Agency Captain: I've given her a Suggestion. And now I have some advice for you -

The Agency Captain continues towards Talan.

Talan: Stay Back!

Talan: I mean it!

Suddenly, Talan glows red!

The Agency Captain takes a step back.

A flash

A few Agency Guards come up the stairs behind the group.

Talan: I think we're in trouble, Arden!

Agency Captain: Take care of these fugitives, and report back to headquarters. I have urgent business elsewhere.

Agency Guards: Yes, Sir!

The Agency Captain retreats towards the Hover-Tram as the two guards attack!

Checking Talan's skills now shows this. Let's see what it does.

The hover tram takes off.

Talan: The Captain has taken off in the ship!

Hmmm, what does that mean?

This was with Arden defending. The Agency Guards don't mess around.

Checking Talan's skills again now shows this.

Now Talan has the ability to absorb techniques from enemies! The cures are self explanatory. a single and group healing spell. Rain Drop is a water attack spell, and Gathering Waves is an offensive buff.

This fight is one of the hardest in the game. The Agency Guards hit hard and can take a beating. It's best to save your SP for healing, although buffing Talan and Arden doesn't hurt.

Arden also loses a few credits to Gambling.

Once you bring one of the guards down, the fight becomes easier. Just keep on the offensive and heal occasionally and you'll do fine.[/b]

Talan: It's not over yet.

Arden: What? Are you -

Talan: RUN!

Talan runs towards the guard-rails.

Arden: I couldn't agree more!

As the Guards close in, the two jump off the building!

They land in the middle of a parking lot.

Talan: Aggh... my ankle.

Arden: Are you all right?

Talan: I'm fine. It's nothing.

Arden: Are you sure?

Arden: What?

I pick blue because it's my favorite color. also to head off any "Red ones go faster" jokes that I know you guys will make.

They jump into the Blue car.

Talan: Let's get out of here!


Talan: What happened up there? I felt... suddenly awakened...

Arden: I was helpless. None of my muscles would move! I tried, but -

Arden: Maybe I should drive.

Talan: I'm fine. But I think my ankle is sprained. I won't be able to move very quickly until we get to a doctor.

Arden: Talan...

Talan: What?

Arden: Do you think we can make it? This is the AGENCY we're talking about. That Captain, whoever he was, had powers I've never even dreamed of before! Do we stand a chance?

Talan: Yes.

Arden: But how can you be sure?

Talan: We have a secret weapon.

Arden: Is that so? What?


Agency Captain: Sir? This might be a problem for my men. They aren't accustomed -

Voice: It was gracious of him to give me this office, but these curtains will have to go. Nice view, though, eh, Captain?

Agency Captain: Sir. My report is complete.

Voice: Yes, Captain. You know how to proceed. This should not change the Schedule at all.

Agency Captain: No, Sir.

The Captain leaves.

The person who was behind the Bookshelves reveals himself.