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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 7

Talan: I think I'm going to need to see a doctor. I won't be able to move very fast until I do.

Arden: That's not going to help matters. I'm sure we're on the Agency's priority list.

Talan: ... ... ...

Arden: I hope the Vipers are OK. Maybe we should stop by 34 and get some supplies.

Talan: Yeah. Also, we should go back to my apartment and check the vidcasts. Maybe we'll learn something useful.

We're given quite a bit of freedom here. We'll visit Sector 32 first.

Now that Talan has learned a new ability, let's check it out.

As it says here, Talan now has the ability to "absorb" techniques from an enemies aura. Absorb a spell enough times and Talan can use it at anytime.

Let's see what potential skills ol' Talan here can learn.

Yup, Talan has quite a bit more going for him now.

Anyway, the only thing in Sector 32 is this shop, and it's closed. If we had gone on the Tram, this is where we would have met our second party member. Alas, that's a bonus update for another time. Let's go to Sector 33.

Sector 33 contains an item shop. I went in and bought a few more sandwiches since I was running low.

Arden: What are they doing here? Are they going after the Lazer Teeth? This is their sector, after all...

Talan: I don't think we should wait to find out...

Arden: Good point. Let's get out of here!

Off to Sector 34 then.

Talan: I'm sorry.

Man: This sucks!

We head into the Detour route.

Arden climbs up the pipe onto the building and keeps heading to the right.

Talan: Arden, wait!

Talan follows.


Arden: The Agency has been here.

Talan: I'm sure the Vipers got out first. Look, there's no sign of a battle...

Arden: ... ... ...

Talan: Arden... I'm sure everyone's fine. They've just been brought into custody, that's all.

Arden: ... ... ...

Talan: The Vipers will be OK.

Arden: It's just... I can't shake the feeling that this is all my fault.

Talan: No... It isn't. I mean, if it's anyone's fault -

Arden: No, Talan. You didn't want me to come with you.

Talan: ... ... ...

Arden: Let's go, Talan. I'm going to make the Agency pay for this.

There's some useful things lying around, like a weapon upgrade for Arden and some credits.

Talan: Are you sure you're OK...?

Arden: I'm fine! Worry about yourself... leave the Vipers to me...

Talan: ... ... ...

The game teleports us back to the car, but we don't want to leave just yet.

Talan: What are you kids doing here, anyway? This sector is pretty rough.

Kid: We're tough too! I'm a warrior!

Other Kid: Yeah! You'd better watch out!

Arden: I remember you kids now! You sold us information on the Lazer Teeth once, for two candy pills!

Other Kid: I told you we're warriors! And spies, too!

Kid: Yeah!

Now that we've got some cash, we can stop by the weapon and armor shop to buy a few things.

This guy won't sell us anything. Jerk.

A quick stop to both stores and I'm set to go.

we can't go anywhere else, so let's head off to Sector 35.

Talan: Well... it's where I live.

He gets nothing but static.

Talan: This computer is so cheap, the news is barely coming in... I bet my neighbor could get the vidcasts. He's got a massive antenna, after all.

Talan knocks on the door.

Talan: Hello? Is anyone there? I guess no one's home.

The door opens.

Arden: Well? What are you waiting for?

Talan: I'm waiting for you to come with me!

Arden: You'll be fine on your own. I'll just... Keep watch out here.

Talan: I hope this was a good idea...

Talan enters.

Talan: Well, uh... I, um... live next door, and... my reception isn't... sort of a low-end... you have this antenna... um...

Fat Man: Mr. Talan... so you've decided to pay me a house call. How splendid.

Talan: Well... uh... yes. Mr...?

Fat Man: Everyone calls me Boss Wick.

Boss Wick: Well, everyone but the girls. But they have special... permission.

He turns to the girls.

Boss Wick: You may wait for me in the back girls. This won't take long.

The girls leave.

Boss Wick: So, Mr. Talan. What was it you wanted to see me about?

Talan: Well, I... uh... was wondering...

Talan: No, sir, I... what did they say?

Boss Wick: I'll be frank, Mr. Talan. I would appreciate it if you would consult me before engaging in any... illegal activities. My organization has the best lines of communication and central control in all of Lashe City. I don't appreciate third parties infringing on my turf. And crime in this city is MY turf, Mr. Talan.

Talan: Sir... I didn't do anything!

Boss Wick: Let us watch the vidcasts together, then. I'm sure they've got them running on a loop today - you're big news, after all.

Talan: But... uh, Boss Wick... I'm really innocent!

Boss Wick: We've all said that at one time or another, Mr. Talan. This way, please.

They move to the front of the Computer, and watch the Vidcasts


Reporter: It took place here, at the Delcentric factory in Sector 30, mere hours ago.

Reporter: Zed, are you there?


Zed: The office where the Director was staying before this terrible incident is in shambles. The door was kicked in by Agency officials, but not before the assassin was able to break this window and escape down to the alleyways below. He is believed to be armed and extremely dangerous.

Zed: Earlier today, Talan faked a fainting spell to earn the sympathy of the Director. But this sympathy was to be the last kindness in the Director's long and glorious career as leader of the Agency. If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of this murderer, contact the Agency at once. But be warned. our sources indicate that Talan has received assistance from lowlife street denizens, such as the gang known as

Talan: Oh no!

Boss Wick: Hmm... this is new.

Talan: Maybe this will clear my name! Everyone will see that the shot came through the window...

Boss Wick: You put too much faith in the system, Mr. Talan. If they want you to suffer, you will suffer.

Talan: ... ... ...

Zed: OK... Ladies and gentlemen, I've been instructed to tell those of you with young children to have them leave the room. The following footage is likely to be quite graphic. Be advised the camera cannot pick up sound.

The footage begins to play

It starts out normally, Dessen leaves, and the Director walks around the room while talking to Talan.

However, once the Director walks next to Talan...

Talan begins beating the Director to death!

Talan: That... that's not the way it happened!

After he finishes beating the Director to death, the Talan in the recording walks up to the window and breaks the glass, jumping out shortly after.

Boss Wick: ... ... ...

Talan: They must have altered the tape... That's it! They changed... they must have...

Talan turns to Boss Wick.

Talan: You believe me, right?

Boss Wick: Actually, I do believe you.

Talan: You do? Of course you do! You must see murderers all the time!

Boss Wick: That's right - and you don't strike me as the type.

Talan: Now if only I could convince the Agency...

Talan: Hey...

Back to the screen.

Zed: They told me the Director was nearly unrecognizable when that bastard was done with him, but... I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen. They train you for situations like this, but no reporter is ever really ready.

Boss Wick: Did you tell anyone you were coming here?

Talan: Just Arden, outside - but she's been with me!

Back to the front of Delcentric.

Talan: That's Dess!

Dessen: Yes, Tia, I did. He seemed really low-key about the Director's speech - he wasn't excited at all! On the outside, anyway...

Tia: I see... I understand you have some information about his whereabouts?

Dessen: Yes... yes, I do. Talan's place of residence is listed as Sector 15...

Talan: Dess... No! Don't -

Tia: He really lives in Sector 35? Do you have any idea why he listed his place of residence incorrectly?

Dessen: I had never really thought about it before. Well, not before today, anyway...

Tia: You heard it here first, folks. I'm sure the Agency will find this information most helpful, Mr. Dessen.

Dessen: ... ... ...

Tia: We'll be covering this story throughout the day, so stay tuned for further developments!

The broadcast ends

Boss Wick: Thanks to your "friend" there, this Sector will no longer be safe for you.

Talan: ... ... ... What can I do?

Boss Wick: You can't stay here.

Talan begins to leave.

Boss Wick: You're limping. You won't get far like that, and the Agency will probably catch you on my doorstep.

Talan continues walking.

Talan: I thought you weren't going to help me.

Boss Wick: Not for free, I'm not.

Talan: ... ... ...

Boss Wick: I have a surgeon in my employ who can work wonders. She can fix that ankle of yours in minutes.

Talan: What's the catch?

Boss Wick: If I do this for you... you'll owe me a Favor, to be cashed in at any time. If I send you word that I want you to do something, you need to do it.

Talan: What if the time comes and I refuse?

Boss Wick: I'm sure you wouldn't, because I am a very powerful man and I have... acquaintances... in powerful places.


Well, do we take him up on his offer? Voting will end on Tuesday, at 12:00PM EST