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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 8

Since we have a tie going on, the tie-breaker vote goes to me.

Looks like we're taking him up on his offer.


Here is what happens if we decide to take the Hover-Tram instead of walking. We would need to talk to this guy and select how long we're going to wait for the Tram. the longer you wait, the higher chance there is of it showing up.

On the tram, we meet this guy, who, after a short conversation, gives us his business card.

He also steals all of our money.

The game continues as normal, only this time we don't meet Arden in the Rat Tracks.

This fight plays out differently, since we only fight one guard at first.

After he takes enough damage, he'll call in for back up. You need to kill the weakened guard as quickly as possible, since the damage from both of them adds up VERY quickly.

After the guards are defeated, let's head over to Sector 32.

Since we took the tram, the store is now open.

After a brief conversation...

He offers to give us a mother fucking robot, free of charge!

Of course, there's a catch. it's missing it's Mcguffin chip, and we need to find a new one in the junk yard behind Stash's shop.

The Junk Yard is an excellent place to get some early skills for Talan, such as Short Circuit (low mechanical damage), Power Down (low damage), and Cauterize (cure bleeding).

There's also some great equipment lying around.

This place is one of those annoying dungeons with collapsible floors. The Mcguffin chip is in the lower right corner of the screen in that small blocked off room.

A few other enemies you can encounter down here.

After getting the chip and walking back to Stash, he fixes up the droid and gives it to us.

AG7-17 is awesome. one of the best characters in the game since he's tough, and can completely wreck enemies if given the right parts. the main downsides are that he has different restorative items than Talan (Robots can't eat cold sandwiches, or appreciate cheap wine), and he uses up SP whenever he attacks. He's also rather expensive, since his best stuff comes with a hefty price-tag. The Seedy Looking Man we saw in the weapon shop in the last update sells equipment for AG7-17.

So, in short;

Arden pros:
a few useful skills
Get her earlier
gains skills through levels

Arden Cons:
Not a robot
most skills are kinda crap

AG7-17 pros:
Is a Robot
Combat monster
Motor Oil recovers both HP and SP.

AG7-17 cons:
uses SP during attacks
uses different items than Talan
only talks in gibberish

I hope you're all happy for choosing the character that wasn't a robot.