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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 13

Further down the road lies Drust Camp.

Man: Do I look like I want to chat? I just lost some major creds at the Battle Rink, so I'd suggest you leave me alone!

Talan: Sorry!

Talan: This encampment is a lot different than Sorbe Village... actually, it reminds me quite a bit of Lashe City...

Man: Get out of here, punk!

Talan: It's scary how much like Lashe this is!

Next to the irate man is the Inn/Pub.

The patrons inside don't really have anything interesting to say, a few mention the Battle Rink but... well, you'll see in a bit.

It costs 150 creds to use the Inn, By the way.

Talan: ... ... ...

Dirty Man: Prove me wrong, and I'll give you the key to my secret stash of treasure! But I don't think you even have a chance!

Here's the thing about the Battle Rink. I have no idea on how to access it. I think it's down the path next to the Inn, but the guy blocking it will never move, so I can't get to it.

Talan: Oh, right. Uh... thanks. *shudder*

More people blocking the entrances to places I want to enter.

This text box is in the way, but there's an equipment merchant in the bottom-left of the camp.

Only thing of interest was the Iron club, which I picked up.

I don't remember the password, but this path leads to a merchant which has a ton of equipment you can buy for AG7. If you get him, it's well worth it to stop by here and buy a few things.

Big Man: Doesn't make a difference to me - As long as there's Iron to haul and creds to earn, I don't care 'bout anything.

Welcome to the Drust Mines.

There are a few neat items in here.

As well as a few new enemies. These two have Infect (Cause sickness) and Antidote (self explanatory).

Here's the Yun Contact. He appears somewhat randomly around the mines.

Talan: That's me.

Yun Contact: OK - here you go.

Talan received Iron Shipment

Yun Contact: Come back to the Mines once you've delivered that shipment and I'll give you some more. I might be somewhere else in the Mines, though... This isn't exactly legal, so I've got to keep a low profile.

While running around the mines, Arden learned her final skill.

Now that we have an Iron shipment, let's head back to Yun.

Man: Great! Thanks for delivering this iron for us! This is much better than relying on the Agency Caravans! Here's your reward:

Talan received:
200 credits
Fresh Pita

Man: Now go back to the Drust Mines and bring us another shipment of Iron for even more rewards!

Back in Drust, I try out Arden's backstab skill. It's pretty good, and has a chance to cause enemies to bleed (Which I think acts like a stronger version of poison)

New boots for Talan.

There are another two floors in the mines. One that goes upstairs, and another that goes down.

Our contact is upstairs this time. We talk to him and get another shipment.

These guys really don't have any interesting skills. The most useful ones they have are Antidote(Which I make sure to get), Invigorate (Which I already have), and Stinging Pebbles (A spell which hits all enemies for low damage. I don't get it here, but I do get it later.)

Here's an interesting little weapon.

It's incredibly weak, but it boosts Arden's defense significantly. I don't equip it, though, since I prefer offense to defense.

This pill increases your max HP by 10. I give it to Talan.

The second reward isn't anything interesting.

Oddly enough, the Yun Contact goes back to his first spot.

And back to Yun for the third, and final, reward. The poisoned knife sucks, but that's not what I'm here for.

Man: I think we've got enough Iron to last us for awhile now, thanks to you! You've been a really big help - I can sell you some of the equipment we've made from these shipments, if you like.

Oh hell yes.

I give both Talan and Arden a nice set of Iron equipment.

We're now officially done with Yun!

Let's clean out the Drust mines before I move on.

The only things left is some cheap wine and 600 credits.

I pick up some more spells for talan, and then leave.

The enemies around Drust have some neat spells. Minor fire is low fire damage, and flaming weapon is an offensive buff.

An avalanche blocks the road. damn.

Three green Wyldens have Turtle Shell, a defensive buff.

Once I get bored of running around fighting monsters, I continue on.

Looks like we have only one choice.

Talan: Hopefully this stage of our journey will be an uneventful one...

This would have been helpful if I didn't get the Iron Armor.

These would have been useful if I had AG7 with me. Motor Oil will heal 60HP and SP, and Jumper Cables are a revive item.

These guys carry Life From Decay, a slightly cheaper version of Life From Death (16SP as opposed to 20SP).

Brigands have Infect, which I already have.

Most of the enemies here can also be found around Drust, so I take this opportunity to fill out Talan's spells some more.

Rogue Bandits carry Raindrop, a water offensive spell. There's an easier way of getting Raindrop later, though, since these guys are somewhat rare.

New weapon for Arden. has the same attack power as the Liquid knife, but does Electric damage.

And here is the point of no return. Things are about to get interesting.