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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 14

Talan: An Agency tram!

Two Agency Guards drop from the transport!

Thanks to our shiny new armor, these guys are a joke.

You can absorb Explosion (medium fire damage to enemy party) and Wall of Flame (more on walls later...) from these two.


They didn't last much longer after that.

The two guards retreat.

The two guards look at each other, and then back to the ranking officer.

Officer: I see. Then we have no choice but to burn him out!

Guards: Yes, Sir!

The hatches at the rear of the ship open!

Officer: Let's see you try and escape this, Talan!

The Canister explodes after hitting the ground!

Talan: These are canisters of liquid fire! I've got to get out of here!

Canisters of liquid fire continue to rain upon the forest as Talan tries to escape.

Officer: Let's wait until the flames die down, and then we can sift through the ashes. No sense charring the landing gear.

Arden: Let's get out of here, Talan! And NOW!

We now have two minutes to try and escape the flames. If you don't manage to escape within the time limit, you get a game over.

There are some nice items laying around the burning forest, but good luck getting them all.

Fire indeed hot.

It's very easy to get lost here, and the short time limit means you can ill afford mistakes.

I actually died in first attempt, cause I was too focused on getting loot and got lost a few times.

Loot I managed to grab include:
Flame Staff
Flame Knife
Strength Potion
Flame Shield (Which the item description describes as being imbued with electric power...)
Fighting Dirty Vol. 4
Buzzsaw (A weapon for AG7)
Agility potion
Motor Oil x3
Empty Bottle

I think that's all of it. I may have missed one or two chests, though

Here is the exit.

Talan: We made it!

Officer: What?!

Guard: It's definitely him, sir.

Officer: That's it... I'm taking this guy out once and for all! We'll be sure to get promotions for this one, men! Bring us down to ground level, and ready the chaingun! We'll cut him to ribbons!

Talan: Looks like this is it!

The Agency Tram is a pretty tough fight for two reasons.

One of them is because it can decrease your defense and agility.

The second is that it has an attack that can hit your entire party for some big damage. If you're unlucky, it'll just spam it over and over again, keeping you on the defensive.

You can absorb Short Circuit and Wall of Metal from this guy.

...huh, I wasn't aware that such a thing was possible.

A few turns later, and down it goes.

Talan: Let's go - Paradise should be just a little farther west!

Finally out of that forest.

Talan: Could you just tell me if I'm on the right road for Paradise?

Store Owner: Ah, yep, just stay on the road. Winds up into the mountains for a bit. If you're heading to Paradise, maybe you want to buy some supplies?

You can buy a few things from him, as well as rest. I bought a few fresh Pitas and then left.

Talan: We're almost there!

There's a choice here if you want to stick around a bit longer. I choose to continue.

Talan: It's starting to get dark. I hope we can make it there before it's too dark to see.

After walking down the path for a bit. Talan hears something!

Talan: Agency Vehicles! We've got to move!

Now we have to make a run for it! Agency guards will spawn indefinitely at the entrance, and they'll run after you.

If you're caught, you have to fight a single guard.

These guards carry some great skills.

single guard
will spawn over and over again
great skills

It doesn't take a genius to see what I do here.

There's another Fighting Dirty volume here.

There we go.

Now before you go over here, I HIGHLY suggest that you unequip Arden of all her equipment.

When you reach the edge, you have to fight one last guard.

Talan attempts to jump the gap, and makes it!

Arden: Okay, Talan... here I come!

An Agency Guard appears behind Arden!

Talan: Arden, look out!!

As Arden attempts the jump, she's shot with some kind of taser!

Arden: I'm... I'm okay... Talan, get out of here! You have to keep going!

Talan: I can't just leave you here!

The Guard start shooting the taser at Talan!

Talan: Whoa!

Arden: Talan, get out of here! I'll catch up with you later! Don't let the Agency get you!

Arden starts running, and the Guard jumps down and starts chasing after her!

Talan: Arden, I'll find you later! I promise!

Talan starts running for Paradise.

Armored Woman: Hold, friend. What's the matter?

One of the guards steps forward

Armored Woman: You know our policy. Everyone is welcome to the sanctuary of Paradise. Your Director would not want to risk an incident.

Guard: The Director has been assassinated, and his murderer is before you! I demand that you turn him over to us!

The Armored man steps forward.

Guard: The Director...

Armored Woman: ... Is no longer in a position to be concerned with mundane matters of politics, it would seem.

Armored Man: This man is now our concern. I suggest that you leave our territory immediately. You know the rules.

The man turns to Talan

Armored Man: You are safe for the moment, my friend. Isabella will take you to the council.

Talan: Th-thank you!

The guards turn around and leave.

Talan: But what if they come back?

Armored Man: They won't. We've had plenty of run-ins with the Agency before - they won't do anything. This is our domain.

Talan: But it's the AGENCY! They wield all the power!

Isabella: If you stay with us, friend, perhaps you'll realize that power comes in many forms... This way, please.

Isabella enters the tunnel.

Armored Man: You'd better go with her - Isabella doesn't like being kept waiting.

Talan goes chasing after her.

Talan: I just wanted to thank you...

Isabella: You came seeking Paradise - what did you expect us to do?

Talan: Actually... I don't really know anything about this place. Why did the Agency let me go so easily?

Talan: What was this deal?

Isabella: I don't know exactly what it was. The present Council must know the specifics, but for whatever reason, the Agency is required to leave us alone. Paradise has become a haven for those willing to disavow the Agency and its science.

They walk down the tunnel a bit more before Talan speaks up again.

Isabella: business, and no concern of ours. It is time for you to start a new life.

Talan: ... ... ...

Isabella: Before you can become a part of this community, you must meet with the Council and pass the Trials.

Isabella starts walking again.

Talan: Isabella, wait! What trials?

Talan runs after Isabella...