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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 15

If you got AG7 instead of Arden in the beginning, than AG7 will make it to Paradise along with Talan. However, shortly after the showdown with the Agency, Talan is told that he will have to leave AG7 outside of Paradise because of it's strict anti-technology stance. Talan, reluctantly, agrees, and AG7 is left to rust near the tunnel entrance.


Talan enters the building.

Talan: My name is Talan. I... can't thank you enough for saving me from the Agency.

Pierson: Well... You're not quite in the clear, yet... you still have to face the trials. Allow me to explain.

Talan: ... ... ...

Flashback time

Pierson: There was... let us say, "turmoil," within the upper ranks of the Agency, and we fled with their best troops in hot pursuit. For weeks we hid among the caves and rocky peaks of the mountains, living on what we could scavenge. The Agency troops hunted for us, and although we lost one of our number, the rest of us made it safely... here.

Pierson: My thought was that we had drifted too far south in our journey through the mountains, and had ended up in Surl, but...

Pierson: the Agency. We have lived here ever since, gaining new members, losing old ones, but always disavowing technology and the Agency.

Talan: I don't understand - why does the Agency let you stay here? Why have they given up on their pursuit of me because I made it here?

Pierson: We came to an agreement with the Director of the Agency many, many years ago. He would not wish to break it.

Talan: ... ... ...

Pierson: But that is enough history for one day. You wish to know how you can stay here in this nirvana we have been given.

Talan: Um... yes. What exactly are these "Trials?"

Pierson: Anyone wishing to stay in Paradise has the benefit of having their history erased - no one here will pry into your past. However, this is not a benefit to be lightly given. We do not want this place to be a den of criminals, as the Agency considers it. For this reason, anyone wishing to stay must complete a test of his moral fitness and strength of character. You will be given the Trials tomorrow morning. For now, you are welcome to explore our community and speak with our citizens.

Pierson: This will establish your role in our community, so choose wisely. But for now, welcome to Paradise, and good luck tomorrow! Please return and speak to me when you have finished your explorations of our town.

Talan: Thank you, Sir.

Pierson: Pierson will do fine, Talan. We try not to make very much of status in Paradise. Let the Agency display their ranks - it is not for us.

We can now explore the town and talk to the townsfolk. Let's talk to the other members of the council and get an idea of just what the four professions we'll have to choose from are.




... And actors.

Let's head outside.

The house right next to the council building is empty, but we'll meet it's owner later.

This is Talan's new pad. It also has the return of a very old friend!

Oh Magical Pot of Water! How I missed thee! We can also fill our empty bottle here for another health bottle.

South of Talan's house is the Actor's headquarters.

It is a silly place.

Lawyer: As a people, we are the antithesis of what the Agency stands for, yet they still supply us with goods and services. Perhaps the assumption on my part that the Agency acts uniformly with bad faith is erroneous. That must be it. I apologize for talking your ear off.

Talan: That's... that's OK.

The building behind talan contains all of the shops. All of them are closed, though.

A bunch of Defenders are hanging out around some rubble.

This merchant sells weapons for a character we'll be meeting soon. I bought both Liquid and Flame gloves mostly because I could.

Talan: Oh, I didn't know there was an age requirement.

Dince: Yeah... if you're born here, like I was, then you get to stay until you're 18 before you need to take the Trials. I'd better pass them, too - I'm not very good at forging armor, so I always get yelled at.

This here is the bar.

You have the option of staying here, but there's no need to thanks to the Magical Pot of Water.

The building to the left of Talan is the Lawyer headquarters. The one to his right is an empty building.

Talan: I've got to take these "Trials" tomorrow.

Farmer: Well, if you pass them, you can see the fields after the celebration ceremony.

Talan: What if I fail?

Farmer: Well... if you don't pass the Trials you'll have to leave. It's not the end of the world, though.

Talan: It might be for me, though... *shudder*

Talan: I think it's society as a whole. The people I worked with in Lashe City were like that too... I remember -

Lawyer: I'm sorry, we're not allowed to talk about our pasts here. Please stop.

Talan: Oh! I forgot... I'm sorry -

Lawyer: That's all right.

And that about does it for Paradise. Let's go back and talk to Pierson. He'll ask you whether you're done looking around or not, so if you want to look around a bit more, you can.

Pierson: Sleep well, candidate Talan!

Talan: Uh... yes. Thank you.


Talan: I wonder what the Trials are going to be like?

Talan: Probably really bad, with my luck.

it begins to rain.

Talan: Now it's raining. Probably be soaked for the Trials tomorrow.

Talan: What's that sound? It sounds like someone... crying.

Talan: Yeah, someone's definitely crying outside...

Talan heads outside.

Talan sneaks along the wall towards the source of the noise.

Girl: ... ... ...

The girl begins to head north.

Talan: I'd better follow her.

Talan: I wonder where she's going? I hope she's all right, whoever she is...

Talan heads after her.

Talan: Or jump?

Talan: I need to do something!

Talan climbs after her!

The girl is surprised at the sound of Talan's voice!

Talan: She's... beautiful...

Girl: Get away from me, or I'll scream!

Talan: Listen, it's nothing like that - I'm a friends.. I just -

Girl: Leave me alone! This is none of your business!

Talan: What's wrong? Maybe I can help...

Girl: No one can! No one understands anything!

Talan: Maybe I -

Girl: What would you know about anything?

Talan: I'm not a very smart person, but I'm smart enough to know what happens when someone crying like you climbs up a rocky spire in the dead of night during a rainstorm.

Talan: *shrug* And you don't know for a fact that I'm not willing to do that, so why don't you save us both a lot of embarrassment and just come back down to the village?

Girl: That's a cute speech. Why do you think it's going to work?

Talan: Well... you've stopped crying. That's a good sign.

Girl: ... ... ...

Talan: Emily. That's a pretty name. My name's Talan.

Emily: That's not.

Talan: Very funny.

Emily walks up to Talan.

Emily: Talan, thank you...

Talan: No problem, Emily. I'm glad to help!

Emily runs and jumps off the cliff!

Talan jumps after her!

Emily lands in water.

Talan does not.