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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 16

Talan: I can tell there's someone there; I can hear you breathing.

Talan: Hello? Who is it?

Talan: Go away!

Talan: Sir, you're alive! I knew it!

Director: Don't worry about it. That statement may be truer than you know.

Talan: This isn't making any sense... if you're alive, why won't the Agency stop chasing me? I guess I'm safe in -

Director: Seek Paradise, Talan. You will find safety there...

Talan: Sir! Can you tell me -

Talan: Sir, wait! Don't leave me!

Director: Good Luck, Talan. And goodbye


Talan: Sir, come back! Come back!

Talan: Huh?

Voice: He doesn't look good. I can't believe -

Talan: Are they talking about me?

The screen fades to black.

Talan: Is this death? It seems so... anticlimactic.

Talan: She was pretty, though. Shame I'm dying from some stupid fall. I wonder if she -

Talan: What?

Talan: ... ... ...

Pierson: You've been asleep for three days. I think you're going to pull through.

Talan: ...come back...

Pierson: Talan, your bones are still a little weak, but I think you're going to be fine.

Talan: ...shoulder? shoulder?...

Pierson: He's delirious again... we should let him sleep.

Talan: ... ... ...

Some time later...


Talan: I can hear you breathing again! Who is this?

Talan: It's gone again, whatever it was.

Suddenly, a figure appears before Talan.

Arden: I'm with the Vipers again, Talan.

Talan: That's what you wanted, right? That's... good!

Talan: No! Arden... that's not true! You're... you're not real!

Arden: by one...

Talan (crying): Stop it! I never meant for this to happen!

Another figure joins the two.

Dessen turns around.

Talan: You sold me out! I thought we were friends, but you turned on me the first chance you got!

Dessen: ... ... ...

Dessen: your memory? Events have been set in motion that are far greater than any of us - and it scares you.

Suddenly, the light starts to change...

And then everything goes white...