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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 17

Quick note; If you have AG7 with you instead of Arden, than during Talan's dream sequence he will appear instead of her. IIRC he accuses Talan of abandoning him and leaving him to rust outside of Paradise.


Talan: Uhhh... I ache all over.

Talan gets out of bed.

Talan: I wonder how long I've been here? Uhhh... my head hurts.

Talan: I guess I should find someone to give me some answers.

When we try to leave the house, Pierson appears in the doorway.

Talan: Your... daughter?

Pierson: Yes, Emily. She told me how she was looking for flowers up on the Overlook and slipped. It's a good thing you were there to catch her. Quite noble of you, too, considering how loose the footing must have been for you to fall so far.

Talan: She told you that?

Pierson: Yes. Why - is there something you want to tell me?

Talan: No, sir... that's what happened.

Pierson: Good. What you did was very noble. In light of your actions, the Council has decided to waive your Trials. You are now a member of Paradise. I will see you this evening at the celebration. Don't be late. You'll need to choose a job.

Pierson leaves.

Talan: I made it! I'm a member of Paradise, and now the Agency can't touch me! I guess I should look around my new home... I've got some time before whatever the celebration is tonight.

We can walk around the town again to talk to the townspeople, and even access the shops now.

Talan: Oh, yes. Absolutely

Talan: Thanks.

Dince: Take my advice and don't become a Defender - my master is a lunatic! He expects me to have this forged by tonight!

Dince: Oh no! Drat!

Talan: I'd better leave him alone for now.

As I said before, we can use the shops now. I'm holding off on making any major purchases, but I did buy a Heavy Club.

There is some VERY nice armor here, but It's a bit expensive, so I didn't buy any. For now.

Actress: ... ... ... That doesn't seem right.

Talan: What's an RUI violation?

Lawyer: Running Under the Influence. It's a real problem these days.

Once you're done looking over the town, it's time to head up here again.

Emily turns around after a few seconds.

Talan: Your father told me you said you were picking flowers.

Emily: Well... let's just put this all behind us, OK? It's not important.

Talan: Emily, it IS important. How do I know you're not going to come up here tonight and throw yourself off? I might not be here the next time!

Emily turns back around.

Emily: You're crazy, Talan.

Talan: What?

Emily: Here you are telling me to be more careful, but you're the one who's been passed out for the last four days!

Talan: Heh... you're right.

Talan: Well, yes, I guess. I need to choose a profession, right? I wonder what I should choose.

Emily: Choose whatever you think you'd be best at.

Talan: Something tells me there isn't a job for "Falling from great heights."

Emily: So you do that for every girl you meet?

Talan: Well...

Emily closes her eyes...

Talan: Is she waiting for me to kiss her??

Talan wusses out.

Emily leaves.

Talan: I should go find her and apologize... ...for whatever the heck I've done now.

Talan: Women.

We're done here, so let's head back down.

Emily's house is right next to Talan's.

Talan: I just... wanted to apologize... for whatever happened up on the overlook.

Emily: You really are something, Talan, you know that? What makes you think your apologies even mean anything to me?

Talan: I... well... uh...

Emily: For someone who jumps off cliffs so easily, you sure are insecure.

Talan: Uh...

Talan: Hmmm... what would Max Powertrain from Flashbang IV say?

Talan: ... ... ...


Emily: I beg your pardon?

Talan: Uh... I mean...

Talan: I didn't seriously just say that, did I?

Emily: Let me guess... another line from one of those vidcasts?

Talan: Uh... yeah.

As Talan tries to leave.

Talan: What is it?

Emily: You're sort of cute, in a "look at me, I'm totally helpless and out of my depth" sort of way.

Talan: Um... thanks. I think.

Emily: I'm going to give you a chance to redeem yourself from your typical insensitivity. You owe me a dance tonight at the celebration.

Talan: Uh, OK, Emily. A dance. Yeah.

Talan finally leaves.

Emily: Tonight. Sure.

Meanwhile, at Talan's new pad...

Talan is doing his best impression

Talan: Wear something nice? This is all I have! That must have been a joke.

Talan paces around the room some more.

Some time later...

Talan: This is too stressful... This doesn't feel like much of a "celebration" to me... I guess it's time to go.

A group of people run past Talan towards the farmland.

Pierson: Come on up here and say a few words, Talan.

Talan: ... ... ...

Talan: Do I have to?

Pierson: Talan?

Talan joins Pierson on the podium.

Talan: Thanks. I don't know what I'd have done if the Agency had caught up to me and I hadn't made it here. You see, they -

Pierson (Whispering): Talan, nothing about your past. It's our only rule.

Talan (whispering): Oh, right. Sorry.

Talan: So... thanks for everything.

Pierson: As you all know, the four professions of Paradise keep our society functioning. The Defenders keep us safe. They build the walls that protect our livelihood and guard us from threats day and night. The Farmers grow our food, and produce the potions and salves that make our day to day lives easier. The Lawyers are the record-keepers and are responsible for dispute-resolution. Society runs smoothly under their guidance. The Actors enrich our lives with entertainment. No society is complete without forms of culture and art, and the Actors provide both.

Pierson: Talan,, I will ask you the Question twice. You must abide by your second answer. There will be no turning back. That said, keep in mind that we have enough Lawyers as it is - if you wish to become a Lawyer, you will need to wait until our population grows and we can support more Lawyers in our community.

Pierson: Talan, newest member of Paradise... Which of the professions will you adopt as your own, to work at during your stay here in Paradise?


Time for another major decision. Much like the first one, this will determine who are next party member is, so choose wisely.

Voting will end on Thursday, 12:00PM EST