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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 18

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Defender 9
Actor 12
Farmer 9

It seems Talan will be getting in touch with his inner actor. Let's hope he won't fall off of the stage.

Next update will be up sometime during the weekend. For now, have a bonus update.


As someone mentioned earlier in the thread, there is a third character we can get during the beginning that I hadn't known about. To get him, you have to go up this pipe...

...and walk over here.

Which brings us to the turf for the Neon Vipers.

They'll offer us a mission, which I decline.

Declining them gives us this juicy bit of info.

Talan then escapes while they're distracted.

Let's go see the Lazer teeth.

Instead of warning us, they just get right to the beating...

...or not. To get the third character, you have to tell them about the spy.

Gang Member: That's right. It's you.

Arden: You're not suggesting... you can't be...

Gang Member: *grins*

Gang Members: Traitor! Imposter!


Now that we're pals with the Lazer Teeth (ZZZZZAP), We can pass through sector 33, but I have another idea...

Instead, let's take the Hover-Tram.

This guy still gives us his business card.

I also managed to make it on time.

Let's skip right to the Rat Tracks.

Unlike Arden, who was laying on the ground wounded, this guy is still fighting.

He even shows up to fight alongside us!

We can't control him during this fight, though, and he has a unique attack animation (Which only happens for this fight, thankfully).

After the battle, he introduces himself and joins our party.

And so we finally meet the guy who wields all of those staffs I've been carrying. He also uses the Fighting Dirty volumes to learn new skills.

Saldra might just be my new favorite character.

moving on...

We can still get AG7 if we get Saldra, now I'm curious if we can get AG7 with Arden as well, but I just never thought of trying it.

Saldra: You need Lazer Teeth training, man - I landed on my feet!

Talan: Good for you, Saldra.

Mcguffin chip in hand, we go and pick up AG7.


Stopping by sector 33, we can see the other Lazer Teeth being led away by the Agency.

Saldra swears revenge and then they leave.

These kids are awesome.

They also like our robot, but Talan's a jerk and won't let them touch it.

I'm still terrible at this minigame.

If we had gotten AG7, then he would talk in gibberish like this throughout the game. It's pretty awesome.


And that's all of the characters we could have gotten from the beginning. Saldra is a pretty cool character from what little I've seen of him. Kinda wish I had known about him before started this LP. Oh well.