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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 19

Crowd: Oooooooooh...

Pierson: I will only ask this one more time. You may change your mind, but your next answer is final, and you will be held to it. Talan, for the period of your stay here in Paradise, for the last time... Which of the professions will you adopt as your own, to work at during your stay here in Paradise?

We choose actor again.

The actors in the audience jump in celebration.

Pierson: Refreshments and dancing for everyone!

Crowd: Woooooooo!

We can walk around and talk to a few people, so let's do that.

Talan: Thank you, Sir.

We can see a few people dancing here. unfortunately, we can't be a dick and interrupt them while they're dancing.

Isabella: It's too bad you didn't choose Defender, but I guess it's not for everyone.

Talan: Why aren't you dancing, Isabella?

Isabella: Drago has guard duty tonight. It wouldn't feel right dancing with anyone else. But you're the guest of honor, Talan. Why aren't you dancing?

Talan: Emily said she'd dance with me, but I haven't seen her anywhere. Maybe I should just leave.

Isabella: I suppose. Whatever you do, Talan, be careful...

Talan: What do you mean?

Isabella: We women can be wily creatures, when we wish to be. Ask Drago, I'm sure he'd agree! *laugh*

Talan: Thanks, Isabella.

Isabella: Come see me if you ever have any women troubles, Talan. Maybe I can help you out.

There's nothing else we can do here, and Emily is nowhere to be seen. Let's just head back.

Talan: You missed the ceremony, I guess. I gave a speech.

Emily: I was here! I just left to get something, that's all. You were great.

Talan: Thanks, Emily.

The two of them start to awkwardly look around.

Emily: I thought you were never going to get around to it!

Talan: Well...

Emily: Here - I know a place we can go.

Talan: It's nice.

Emily: I'm glad you like it! Here, let me put this down.

Emily puts down... a radio!?

Emily: I won't tell Daddy if you won't. *wink*

Talan: I thought everyone here was morally against machines, or something? Why do you have that? They're pretty rare, too.

Emily: My mother gave it to me when I was little. She grew up before the Shortage, of course, when they were common.

Talan: I've only seen them on the vidcasts, and I'm pretty sure those are usually props, and not the real thing.

Emily: Want to hear it?

Talan: But... what if someone hears? We could get in a lot of trouble!

Emily: We'll be fine - everyone's busy with the celebration. Plus, we'll be able to hear if the orchestra stops playing. I'm pretty sure they're the only ones who know about this little grove, anyway.

Talan: I don't know...

Emily turns on the radio.

Talan: Turn it down! That's way too loud!

Emily: OK, OK... sorry.

Emily lowers the volume.

Emily: It's very old. This song was written at least thirty years ago, and probably more than that. Do you ever wonder what life must have been like before the Shortage?

Talan: ... ... ... Not really. But I guess things would be different. When I worked for Delcentric - I mean... I guess I shouldn't talk about it.

Emily: More of Daddy's rules? I don't mind; I'd love to hear about your life before coming here!

Emily: Who did you kill?

Talan: I didn't kill anybody! I said I was framed!

Talan moves away from Emily.

Talan: ... ... ...

Emily turns away from Talan.

Emily: ... ... ...

Talan: I... like your song...

Emily: You haven't asked me what MY profession is. I'm 24, so I've taken the Trials, you know.

Talan: Um... what's your profession, Emily?

Talan: I... really like you, Emily. That's the truth!

Talan: Is it, though? Or am I just scared of the consequences?

Emily: ... ... ... Let's just dance, Talan.

The two start to dance.

Some time later...

Emily: ... ... ... Talan, I -

Oh dear.

Emily: The celebration's over already?

Leader: It's been over for thirty minutes!

A member of the Orchestra moves towards the Radio!

Emily: But...

Leader: This has been a long time coming - just because you're the daughter of a Councilman, you think you can -

Talan: The radio is mine. I brought it with me from Lashe City. I didn't realize that I couldn't use it here.

Leader: You didn't... realize? Oh...

Leader: The, uh... the new citizen of Paradise brought a radio with him... he, uh... didn't realize he couldn't keep it.

Pierson: However... since you have just been welcomed into our society it would be a shame to kick you out on the very same night. So... I'm going to make an exception. Since it was you... no penalty. But you must bring the radio to Storage; you can not keep it. If it happens again, though - I will not be so lenient, and you WILL be banished.

Emily: Daddy, I -

Pierson: Goodnight.

Pierson leaves.

Leader: Well... I'll just save you the trouble and bring the radio to Storage myself! I wouldn't want either of you to forget to, after all!

The Leader grabs the radio, and leaves with the rest of the Orchestra.

Isabella: I offered to give you advice if you ran into any women troubles, Talan...

Talan: You knew it wasn't really mine? How?

Isabella: Plus... I escorted you through the tunnel when you got here, and you weren't carrying it. *grin*

Isabella: You're all right, Talan. Goodnight, Emily.

Emily: Goodnight, Miss Isabella.

Isabella leaves.

Emily: You don't think she's going to turn us in, do you?

Talan: Isabella? I don't think so.

Emily: It's late... we should probably head back.

Talan: yeah.


Emily: Thank. For everything.

Talan: Don't worry about it. It's nice to have finally done something right, for once! *laugh*

Emily: Here's something else you can do right.

Emily: Goodnight, Talan.

Talan: Goodnight.

Emily: Talan, one more thing... My profession...

Emily enters her house.

Talan: ... ... ...

Talan enters his home and falls asleep.