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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 21

Talan: I wonder what time it is? That's right - today we're going to rehearse the play some more... I'd better get going!

We should probably read all of those books on the ground, first.

Also can't forget this.

Notes: These swigs are usually followed by a belch, unless he's in the company of women. In that case, he holds his breath to prevent it.

Notes: swift kick. Osmond is not fond of physical altercations, and will run if he's in danger of getting beaten up.

Notes: reason, Sewell thinks this is hilarious.

Notes: Osmond is an idiot!

Nest, let's head for Emily's house.

Awesome, more books to read!

Notes: even a suspect in his murder. Everyone just thinks he tripped and fell on his own knife.

Notes: Stop writing in my notes, Talan!

Now let's talk to Sewell.

Let's do it!

Sewell: Great! I hope you're ready to become part of the world of Captain Ellis and his tragic story! Imagination is key, since we don't have a set yet. And remember to stay in character!

Sewell: ...since he's the one I'm most concerned about...

Ellis: head on to the castle. What do you think?

Now comes one of my favorite parts in the game. You can choose what Talan does, and some of the choices are actually kind of funny. I'll just stick with the correct answers for now, but I might make a bonus update with some of the more entertaining choices.

Ellis: Of course it is! Onward to the village!

Suddenly, bandits!

Osmond: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhh!

Osmond flees!

Ellis: Get back here, Osmond!

Ellis moves up to the brigands and attacks!

Ellis: Blood, ho! A mark that will leave, truly!

The brigands flee!

Osmond faints

Ellis: Wake up, Osmond! They're gone!

Suddenly, a ghost appears!

Ellis: It's a ghost! Perhaps it has something to tell us!

Osmond: P-p-p-perhaps we should run!

Ellis: I can tell you're scared because you're stuttering, my faithful servent. But can you not see how beautiful this spirit is?

The ghost vanishes!

Ellis: The lady of where? She's gone! Let us proceed on to the town, Osmond!

Ellis: Run into that tavern over yonder and get us some rations. I'll stay out here.

Osmond: I'll stay out here with you, master!

Ellis: Don't make me kick you, Osmond! Go into the tavern!

Osmond: OK, master.

Osmond enters the tavern.

Now, it's around here that I realize that I missed a couple of books (I'm pretty sure Lerle had them, but I forgot to look around for his house) so I had to go from memory.

Osmond: Sure, why not?

Patron: Oh, I just realized I haven't got any ale left, and I'm out of money! Hope you brought some with you!

Osmond takes a swig.

Patron: Now, that's a real man! It's been a pleasure drinking with ya!

Osmond walks up to the counter

Osmond: I'd like an apple.

Barkeep: Here you go: one apple.

Osmond leaves the tavern

Osmond: Uh... sorry, master, I completely forgot! Forget my own head, next...

Ellis: You silly, fat servant! What am I going to do with you, Osmond? In any event, your pony came back. I think he got hungry, and followed us here from Tretown. What was his name, again?

Osmond: Piker.

Ellis: Ah, that's it! How could I forget? Ready to go, Osmond?

Osmond bites into his apple, than feeds the rest to his pony.

Sewell: You nailed it! You were perfectly in character for all of these scenes. Nice job!

Lerle: Hmmm...

Auleen: Lerle, what is it?

Lerle: I just had a crazy idea... why don't we perform "The Tragedy of Captain Ellis..."

Auleen: Are you CRAZY?! You've seen that place! Talan, tell him!

Talan: Uh... I -

Sewell: That's a GREAT idea! Where better to perform such an epic than in the Theatre Ruins, legacy of a forgotten period of dramatic history! All it needs is a little fixing up - this performance will be astounding! Look alive, people! We've got to breath some "life" into the Theatre Ruins in the next thirty days! Ha! Ha! Hehehehehe...

Talan: I wonder what time it is?

Talan: It's the big day - today's the performance of "The Tragedy of Captain Ellis!" I need to get to the Theatre Ruins! Although... they aren't really a ruin anymore. This last month of work has really paid off.

We head outside.

Talan: Oh, they must be getting all their work down so they can see the show tonight! I hope we're really ready...

Talan: I'd better hurry!

And hurry we do.

Talan: I think so.

Auleen: I'm still not very happy about doing this here - I always hear strange noises... The whole place is creepy.

Lerle: I haven't seen anything strange here since Talan and I got the script - maybe whatever was haunting this place has moved on.

Sewell: we've been practicing. And no whispering backstage - the acoustics here are so good the audience will hear every word!

Drago: So, what's this play supposed to be about?

Isabella: It's a tragedy, I think.

Drago: Thanks for spoiling the ending, Is! Now I know that everyone dies in the end!

Isabella: Oh, Drago... *smile*

Sewell: in this magnificent building: our new Theatre! So sit back, and enjoy this tale of woe from a forgotten era:

The lights fade as the play begins...