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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 22

Defenders: Yeah... that's the truth.

Defender: Aren't you guys supposed to be guarding the tunnel? I hate that shift.

Defenders: Yeah. We just play cards, usually. We should probably head back soon.



Since we did well during the rehearsal, we got a very nice sword for Lerle and some healing items.

Sewell: Thank you very much for your time! You've been a wonderful audience!

A Defender bursts into the room!

Defender: It's the Agency! The Agency is attacking Paradise!

Pierson: What?!? Impossible! They wouldn't dare -

Drago jumps onto the stage.

Pierson: Damn! I knew we should have left more Defenders to stand guard!

Drago: Everyone! Follow me!

Everyone rushes out of the Theatre.

The crimson sword is very powerful, but it's a two-handed weapon, so Lerle can't equip shields with it.

Paradise is burning.

Talan: There have to be survivors - there just have to be!

Lerle: Let's split up - good luck, Talan!

There are corpses everywhere of both the Agency and the Defenders.

Emily runs into the Storage area.

Talan: Emily! Where are you going?

There are a few random encounters in the area, but nothing we haven't seen before.

Talan heads inside.

Emily: Talan! I just... have to find my radio! I can't leave it here for the Agency to destroy! I just couldn't live with myself if I lost my mother's radio!

Talan: We don't have the time! The Agency Guards could come down here any minute!

Emily continues searching.

Talan: Emily, come on!

Suddenly, Talan hears something

Talan: Someone's coming!

Emily: Is that... Daddy?

Talan: What's he doing here?

Emily runs after Pierson.

Talan: Where are you going? Come back! We can't stay around here much longer!

Talan runs after her.


Eisen: ... ... ... ...zzz...zzz...zzz...

Suddenly, the console behind Eisen makes a noise.

Eisen: what was that?

Eisen: Someone's hacking into my security perimeter! I need to block off the Advocate's memory addresses... The speed is too... too fast! I'm not going to make it! Damn! Why didn't I pay more attention to the secure node access channel!?!


Vago: Yes... that's me. Is... is there a problem?

Guard: You'll need to come with us, Doctor.

Vago: This isn't really a good time, I'm afraid...

Guard: We apologize for the inconvenience - but you really have very little choice in the matter, Doctor.

Vago: I see.

Vago moves towards the guards...


Pierson: Emily!

Talan soon joins the two.

Talan: We need to get you to a safe place, Sir! We have to save as many people as we can!

Pierson: No, Talan. Paradise existed for one reason alone - to preserve that reason, I have to stay here.

Emily: What?! Daddy, the Agency - !

Pierson: I know it will be hard, Emily - but this is the only way. I need you and Talan to keep the dream of Paradise alive.

Pierson: The Director understood the necessity of keeping this object as far from his control as possible - he ordered our new settlement to be a haven, a place the Agency could not intrude upon. He thought this would keep the object safe.

Pierson: I see now that he was wrong.

Pierson: I think if anyone has the strength of character to keep this object safe, you do.

Talan: But... you waived the Trials. I never took them! You must be thinking of... someone else...

Pierson: Keep this package safe, Talan. Do not let it fall into the hands of the Agency, and do not open it, under ANY circumstances.

Talan received the Package.

Pierson: I hope, for the sake of all of us, that you never need to know the answers to those questions. Good luck, Talan.

Emily (crying): Daddy, no! You have to escape with us!

Talan: Keep him safe, Emily. I'm counting on you.

Emily: ... ... ...


Dalia: ... ... ...

Suddenly, something strange happens...

?????: You never completed your mission. I've been hired to rescue you and finish what you started. The old man's putting up a good fight, but my rerouting scanner program should have broken his temporary blocks by now.

?????: The best of the best.


Talan runs for the overlook while Agency Guards chase after him!


Pierson: ... ... ...

Captain: I won't ask again. Where have you hidden it?

Pierson pulls out a gun!

The screen goes dark, and the sound of a single gunshot is heard...


Emily: Not quite. On the count of three, OK?

Talan: What?

Suddenly, Emily shoves Talan off the cliff!

Talan: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Emily: ... two, three!

Emily jumps off as well!

The two of them begin to float downriver...

Captain: Describe the man.

Guard: He had dark hair and was wearing a visor of some sort. He matches the description of the Director's assassin.

Captain: You found nothing unusual in your search of this place?

Guard: No, sir,

Guard: Sir? We can have the Hovercraft ready to go in minutes, and track them before they leave the river -

Guard: Sir?

Captain: Take the hovercraft back to Prima. Our slicer should be ready by the time you get there. I will return to Prima shortly with new orders.

Guard: Yes, Sir!