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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 25

Memnosyne: I don't know how stable it is anymore, but it should lead you in the direction you want to go.

Talan: Thank you, Memnosyne. I know we didn't really get off to a good start, but... I understand how it feels to carry such a burden.

Memnosyne: I know you do, dearie. Good luck.

Memnosyne leaves.

Good to see our pal the Magical Bucket of Water is still with us.

After walking down the tunnel a bit, the area begins to shake!

Emily: is this tunnel safe?

You guys sure look familiar...

It's getting more and more difficult to find new skills.

Lerle learns a new skill, although snake is pretty crappy.

Ah, something new! However, at this point in the game, I had no real need to stick around and attempt to learn it.

This guy carries Inscribe as well.

I also only just realize that Lerle might have been able to Memorize this guy. Whoops!

Further into the tunnel, rocks fall everyone dies.

Emily: We have to keep going, Talan. The Agency may have already left Paradise, and be on their way here!

Potions are stronger versions of pills. They grant a character a permanent stat boost.

Talan gets the Lodestone Amulet.

Further into the cave, another quake is felt.

And then everyone falls to their deaths.

Talan: Lerle? Where is everyone? I hope they're OK!

As you might suspect. Talan is all alone now.

The Electric Armor is inferior to our Mythril Armor.

While I could fight these guys with just Talan...

It's much easier just to run.

Hi Emily.

Talan: I don't like this tunnel - I'm not sure that it's a good idea for us to be here.

Emily: Let's just find Lerle and get out of here. We can find some other way to evade the Agency.

Emily: There's a hole in the rool... he could have fallen down here from up above...

Something in the darkness roars!

Talan: What was that?!

Boss time!

This is a really neat boss fight. You will never get a clear picture of the boss, BUT...

You DO get to see it's silhouette during your attacks. It really makes this boss stand out among the other bosses in the game.

Talan can absorb Sacrifice and Wall of Metal.

While I do like this fight, there's really not much to it in comparison to the other boss fights. Just keep hitting the boss until he dies.

Emily: Let's bring him back up to the surface... we won't be able to use this tunnel after all.

With nothing else we can do here, let's head back to Memnosyne.

Emily: Memnosyne!

Lerle: He hasn't brought any Guards with him! Unless... maybe it's a trap...

Talan: I think we're in trouble...

Talan: What? You've seen him before?

Memnosyne: Not me... no...

Talan: Memnosyne, what's going on?!


Memnosyne: Oh, she did love flowers. Her mother let her keep a vase in her room full of the prettiest ones she could find.

Sally: Hello? Do you work for the base? My daddy works for the base.

Sally: What are you doing? Can I see?

Funny-Looking Man: I'm just making sure the base is safe for your daddy.

Sally: Oh. OK.

Sally begins to leave, but then turns around.

She leaves.

Talan: You must be confusing him with someone else...

Memnosyne: The man Sally saw was sent by the Agency... he did something that day to launch the missiles... He did something that day at the base that caused the missiles to fire, and the Agency retaliated! So the Agency would have an excuse to destroy Surl!

Emily: Here he comes!

Talan: Get ready, everyone!

The Agency Captain appears...

Talan steps in front of Memnosyne.


Let's see what he's got...

...that's... that's not good...

REALLY not good...

Unfortunately, this is a fight we cannot win. He'll use a skill that will give him massive buffs, and another skill that will massively debuff the party. All we need to do is survive a few turns.

The Captain hits like a truck.

Eventually, Talan will say that we can't beat him, and the battle will end.

Talan: No... never!

Captain: I'm sure I could convince someone to have you hand it over... this old woman, perhaps?

The Captain pushes Talan aside and moves towards Memnosyne!

Memnosyne: You! After all these years, I've finally found the answer!

Captain: What are you talking about, woman?

Memnosyne: I know why the people of Surl had to suffer! I know why I have to relive the pain and sorrow they feel every day!

Captain: How about that girl behind you? When she's screaming, I bet you'll see where your best interests lie...

Emily: No! No matter what happens, Talan, don't give him the package!

Memnosyne: Share the misery of the forgotten kingdom of Surl!!

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Cold voice: This isn't like last time - he did more than just glimpse my memories... I actively transferred them into his mind.

Soft voice: But... does that mean...?

Cold voice: He brought about the destruction of an innocent kingdom. Let HIM deal with the despair, the hatred, the regret - let Surl haunt him for the rest of his days. I can't think of a more fitting punishment.

Soft voice: It seems so cruel.

Angry voice: What's with you, Emily? This is the man who probably killed your father, burned down your town, chased me all over the -

Soft voice: But... I'm sure he was just following orders. The real culprit is whoever GAVE him those orders!

Captain's mind: Emily... a nice name...

Cold voice: It doesn't matter anyway. He probably won't survive the transfer, and if he does, he won't remember anything of his life before.

Angry voice: Good! I say we leave him somewhere in the mountains, and let him start a new life. Even that's too good for him!

Soft voice: Talan, what are you saying? We can't just leave him here! He was so proud, so... Look at him now - he's been reduced to just an empty shell of what he once was... And all because he was doing what he thought was right.

Angry voice: What's gotten into you? This is the enemy, right here on the ground before us! He was going to kill us all! The enemy!