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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 26

After that, we can walk around and talk to our party and Memnosyne. In order to advance the plot, we need to talk to Lerle.

Talan: Good! He deserves it!

Emily: You don't feel bad at all, do you? Look at what we've done to him!

Talan: I'm sure he did worse to your father.

Emily: !!!

Lerle: (Talan, that was a little -)

Talan: Fine! We're going to Paradise to see if the Agency has stopped killing people yet.

Talan: I don't think they will have.

Emily: It's ok. He's gone now.

Lerle: She's had a tough time lately, Talan. Give her a break.

Talan: This is just not what we NEED right now, Lerle! That Captain is dangerous! I don't care whether he remembers or not!

Lerle: I wonder...

Talan: What's that supposed to mean?

Lerle: The Agency destroyed our home. But now we have one of their highest ranking officials. He's in no shape to cause us any more trouble; but if he survives Memnosyne's transfer - we could have a powerful ally.

Talan: I hadn't thought of that.

Lerle: He probably has access to most of the Agency's facilities - I bet he can get us wherever we might want to go!

Talan: This might be just what we need to repay the Agency for all they've done to us!

Lerle: Feel better now?

Talan: Yeah. Let's go see what the Agency is up to back at Paradise... and if there are any survivors.

The droid carries the same items as the last droid had.

If we had taken AG7 with us in the beginning, than we would reunite with him either here or in the next area, I can't remember which.

Unfortunately, there are no new enemies here.

Marshile isn't much, but it has some neat skills.

If we had become a Defender, than we would have spent some time in this area. This is the Mine.

Eventually, we reach Paradise proper.

Lerle: This is... monstrous. What had we ever done to the Agency to deserve this?

Talan: That bastard! Memnosyne thinks forcing the memories of Surl on him is punishment enough? He should remember THIS! And Emily... how can she forgive anyone who would do this? How?!

Lerle: We should bury everyone we can find. They deserve better, but...

Talan: The Agency Guards must have taken their dead with them, and left the people they killed to rot!

So now we have to walk around Paradise, and bury the dead. While something like this would be depressing...

The fact that the dead transform into a cross in a millisecond while a very load sound effect plays kinda ruins the mood

There quite a lot of people we need to bury, and we have to bury them all to move on.

One their all buried, it's time to head into Storage.

Lerle: They must have been looking for something - but what could it have been?

Talan: ... ... ...

Talan: How can the Agency be so ruthless? He was just an old man!

Lerle walks up to Pierson's corpse.

Talan: What?

Lerle: The gun he's holding - his hand is closed too tightly to remove it. It's an antique, too; the Agency doesn't use weapons this old. It definitely made this wound.

Talan: Emily and I saw him the night the Agency destroyed this place. It must have been... right before he died.

Lerle: But why would he...?

Talan takes out the Package.

Talan: If that Agency Captain tried to get Pierson to tell him where he'd hidden this thing...

Lerle: Pierson was the type to take matters into his own hands. How horrible! What's so important about this package? What's in it?

Talan: He said not to open it...

Talan puts away the Package.

Talan: (No matter what.)


Emily: Is that your name? Who are you? Can you tell me who you are?

Captain: ... kkkkkkkrrrrrrr.... ...kkkkkrrrrrrrrrrsssssssshhhhhhhh...

Emily: You name is Kersh? It's a pleasure to meet you, Kersh! Can you say my name?

Kersh: Emmmily...

Emily: That's it! I think you're getting better, Kersh! We'll have you chatting up a storm in no time!

Talan enters the house.

Emily: What?

Talan: Paradise is empty. There... weren't any survivors.

Emily: The Agency just left? They killed everyone and didn't even want the town?

Talan: That's... what it looks like. Emily, about before -

Emily: Talan, it's all right. I hate the Agency as much as you do. But Kersh isn't with the Agency anymore! He's with us now, and he can help us make them pay for what they've done!

Kersh: Hhhead huurtss...

Talan: We're going to head south. Surl might be dangerous, but it should also be deserted, which is better than any other place we might go.

Kersh: voicesss...

Talan: If he's coming, you'd better keep him quiet. I'm not going to put up with his whining.

Talan leaves.

Kersh: Whhooo... issss hee...?

Emily: Are you ready to go? Here, I'll help you up... there, there...

Memnosyne: Keep your eyes especially on this "Kersh." His mind may have been devastated, but he was capable of great evil once...

Talan: You've been a great help, Memnosyne; and not just because you neutralized the threat Kersh posed to us.

Memnosyne: The memories of Surl that now lie within his mind have effected him differently than they did me; do not underestimate him! Those memories seem to have traumatized him in some way... but I don't know whether the effect is permanent. Stay alert.

Emily: Goodbye, Memnosyne. I'm sorry we couldn't bring you much happiness.