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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 27

Kersh is now a party member. It's also here where having taken AG7 would have actually been a bad thing, because then we wouldn't have been able to use Kersh since AG7 would take up the 4th slot in the roster and we can't change party members.

I don't want to get into Kersh's skills juuuust yet, but it will be coming up very soon.

Emily: Everything is so overgrown. Surl would almost be a nice place to live, if it wasn't for what happened so long ago.

Talan: I'm trying not to think about it - it's only going to get worse as it gets darker.

Kersh: Darrrker...

Talan: Let's go, Kersh. We're wasting time.

Surl is easily one of the most atmospheric parts in the game.

Everything is destroyed, and most of the chests contain broken and worn out items.

And then there is this.

THIS is how Kersh gains new abilities.

Kersh is more or less the Mage of the group, and as it implies in the description above, Kersh cannot equip weapons.

Memories of Sorrow will debuff an enemies attack and defense.

At this point in the game, there is absolutely no reason to fight any of the enemies. Devolving Humanoid and Kersh were the last bosses in the game, and by now you should have all the skills you need so there's no need to absorb anymore.

Emily: How are you feeling, Kersh? We're going to stop here for tonight.

Kersh: All... right.

Lerle: I'll light us a fire. Surl is creepy by daylight! I don't want to face midnight without a light of some kind.

Kersh: Where... are we... going?

Emily: We're heading south, Kersh. This place used to be called Surl, before it was... well, it's called Surl.

Kersh: Don't... like it. Want to leave.

Kersh: ... ... ...

Emily: Honestly, you two! Why can't you be nice to him, Talan?

Talan walks off to help Lerle with the fire.

Talan: ... ... ...

Later that night...

Emily wakes up!

Kersh: Those... things I see when I sleep...

Emily: We talked about those, remember? Those are dreams. You're probably dreaming about Surl as it used to be. Memnosyne said she got used to having the memories of everyone from Surl, and the dreams weren't so bad after awhile.

Kersh: I know... but these... are different. Sometimes... I see things that... aren't from... the Surl people. Terrible... things...

Emily: You're getting better at speaking already, Kersh. I bet it'll be just like that with the bad dreams. Before too long, you won't even notice the bad dreams, wherever it is they come from.

Kersh: Can you... can you keep a... secret?

Emily: What's wrong?

Emily: Why would... why do you say that?

Kersh: Whenever my eyes... are open... I see everyone in Surl... and they're all dying, and angry. And whenever my eyes... are closed... I see myself... doing things. Things that... horrible things...

Kersh: Death! Everywhere! And... I see...

Emily: Kersh. it's OK... everything's all right...

Kersh: I just... don't remember.

Emily: Well... you...

Emily takes a second to think about what she's going to say...

Emily: All our friends were right there - you never needed to worry about being lonely, or afraid.

Kersh: I want to... dream about Paradise... instead of Surl. I hate Surl! Tell me more... about Paradise... please.

The next day...


The Memories of Loss is Kersh's best skill. Why?

Because it Absorbs both enemy HP AND SP (That's what the '?' means next to the damage number), and debuffs all of the enemies stats! and it hits ALL enemies!!

A shame we can't get it repaired...

We also will never see out friend the Magical Bucket of Water ever again...

The droid still has the same items as the last two had. I bought Kersh some Steel Armor since he's currently equipped with hand-me-downs from everyone else.

Two new skills for Kersh.

This just makes me laugh.

The Memories of Hate deals massive damage to all enemies.

The Memories of Despair debuffs all enemies of all of their stats.

The Memories of Pain is basically the same thing as the Memories of Hate, it just deals slightly less damage and costs less to use.

This is the only place in Surl where the chests contain good loot.

There are some nice equipment upgrades around.

Up here is another Skill for Kersh.

the Memories of Fear debuffs all enemies Agility and (I think) Mental stats.

A shame we don't have AG7, since there is some good stuff here for him.

Let's get out of here...

Kersh: I'm not moving... until you tell me where we're going... and why.

Emily: Kersh...

Talan: Fine - stay here. But the rest of us are going.

Emily: Talan... this is important. We'll need to talk about it sooner or later. We might as well do it now.

Talan: (This is NOT a good idea...)

Emily: It's our job to keep it safe.

Kersh: What is it?

Emily: It's a package of some kind. It's made of some sort of gold, and has two latches on the outside that keep it shut.

Talan: (Emily -)

Emily: We don't know what's inside, and we're not supposed to open it.

Talan: No!

Emily: Talan, I'm sure it's no -

Talan: Absolutely not. And unless you have any better ideas, we keep heading south until I say we stop. If whatever's inside this package is important enough for your father to, you know... ...we're keeping it as far away from the Agency as possible. And that includes "supposedly former" Agency Captains!

Emily: Talan... you worry too much.

Talan: End of discussion.