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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 28

Emily: There's something glinting in the sunlight to the east - it looks like a huge metal building.

Talan: I've got a bad feeling about this place... Why would the Agency wipe Surl off the map, but leave this building untouched?

Talan: Will you keep him quiet? I'm trying to think.

Talan walks away from the group to get a better look at the building.

Emily: What do you know about this place, Kersh?

Kersh: I think... the people who destroyed Surl... came over this highway.

Emily: Do you know what it is, Kersh?

Kersh: No... I don't remember.

Emily turns around to face Talan, but doesn't say anything.

Talan: What's wrong?

Emily: ...Nothing.

Talan: Then let's go.

The group crosses over the bridge and enters the building.

However, there's still something I want on that bridge, so I exit the building and go back.

And here is Kersh's final skill.

It just straight up kills all enemies.

Anyway, back to the building.

Why would there be two save points right next to each other? Let's go down the left path before go down the right one.

Unfortunately, most doors in this place are locked.

Damn, looks like we have no choice but to go down the right path.

...that's not good.

Talan: What the - ?

Emily: Quick! Throw it here!

Talan throws the package at Emily, and she catches it!

Talan: Emily! Can you hear me?

Emily: barely, Talan! This door isn't opening!

Talan: Is the package safe?

Emily: It's fine - but why would this place have a decontamination system? And why would it be set off by - ?

Talan: I don't know... but whatever this place might look like from the outside... It's not a refinery, that's for sure. Emily, stay where you are! We'll try and find a way around!

And now the party is split, with Talan and Lerle on one side, and Emily and Kersh on another. At least now we can go up those stairs.

The enemies around here are all bot types.

Lerle can learn how to act as a droid, which is kind of awesome even though Droid sucks.

The gear you can find isn't all that exciting, sadly.

This staircase is very, VERY long.

Talan: This room is full of charging systems for Battledroids! This is no mere refinery. This place was built for war!

The screen pans over the Battledroids as it fades to black...

Emily: We'll just have to find him ourselves!

And now we control Emily's group as she explores the Refinery/Battledroid factory.

There's not really much to say, since it's rather short.

Emily: Why would this building have a rail connection to Prima City? It doesn't look as if the rails have any power. If they did, we could ride this tram to Prima!

Kersh: What's at Prima City?

Emily: Someone... very bad, Kersh. The headquarters of the Agency is in Prima.

Kersh: ... ... ...

The screen fades to black...