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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 29

Gonna be speeding these updates up abit since we're so close to the end. Hope you don't mind.


Eisen (Sobbing): The Advocate must not be reactivated! Listen to me! You don't know what you're doing! Please...!

Eisen: The firewall for Tasgarde cannot be breached - so whoever's doing this must be somewhere inside the facility!

Eisen (over the intercom): Guards! There is an intruder on the premises! Find and capture him immediately!

Eisen: Someone is hacking into the system! Find him!


Manta: I was recruited by your employer fairly recently. It looks as if the old man activated an emergency lock-out system. I need to go make some changes.

Dalia: Aren't you going to let me out of this simulation?

Manta: Hmmm... the old man has more tricks up his sleeve than I thought. This might be interesting...

Manta: So if you want to get out, you need to trigger these three code sequences yourself. I don't have the time right now.

Dalia: How will I know -

Manta teleports away.

Dalia: I don't believe this. I have to play some stupid computer game to get out of this thing?

Dalia: I guess it's better than waiting here for that Slicer to get back.

This is both my favorite, and least favorite part of the game.

Dalia: I'll wander wherever I like!

Knight: ??

Drunk: Buy me some ale?

Drunk: Buy me some ale?

Dalia: I think Eisen has a lot of work left to do on this simulation. It's sort of... crappy.

Dalia: Uh huh. Great.

It's my favorite because it's actually funny. Watching Dalia snark back at the NPC's is pretty great.

Dalia: I hate computer games.

Dalia: What?

The guard then transforms into a King, a Maid, A regular villager, a BLUE DRAGON!, And then a strangely familiar green dragon.

...And then walks right through the wall, allowing us to pass.

Dalia: Great. Not only do I have to play some stupid computer game to get out of this simulation... but it doesn't even work right.

Now where's closing in on the worst part of this little area.

Dalia: Wonderful. How long do I have to do this?

Eisen NPC: Rumor has it that each room in the dungeon possesses untold treasure, as well as fiendish monsters and traps! Critical read error at 1037.

The Eisen NPC vanishes.

Dalia: Is that so.

Off into the dungeons...

There are three dungeons we have to get through, and with he exception of the first one, each has a gimmick that makes them annoying. The first one honestly isn't that bad, but the other two are just horrible to get through.

To give you an idea as to how the dungeons work, here is a video of the first one. I won't make a video of the other two, mostly because of the second one's gimmick, and the third one's length.

There are actually two things we need to get in the first dungeon. The first is the Bronze Key, which is one of the three keys we need to exit the simulation.

The second is the Water wings, Which will allow us to fly over certain bits of water.

And I do mean fly.

Anyway, here is the second key.

The second dungeon is by FAR the worst.


You can light up the area by either lighting a torch, or by constantly casting the fire spell. The second one is the easiest way to giving yourself a headache.

Fuck the second dungeon. Luckily, there's nothing we need in there, so after we get past it, we never have to return there again.

This one's gimmick is that we can't use our fire spell.

Luckily, there's only three rooms, so it doesn't take long.

Our prize in the third dungeon is the final key.

The game takes pity on us, and will warp us to the beginning of the second dungeon if we enter through the exit.

Now that we've got all of the keys, it's time exit this horrible and wonderful place.